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Waiting time too long
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10min waiting? Someone that joined a server by mistake and wants to switch has to wait forever


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maxe83 added a subscriber: maxe83.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

Confirm! Horrible!

Dayt added a subscriber: Dayt.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM
Dayt added a comment.Apr 23 2014, 11:23 PM

Aggreed. Terrible!

You have to switch servers because of this pitch black occasion and if you want to change you have to wait 10 mins.

James added a subscriber: James.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM
James added a comment.Apr 24 2014, 1:26 AM

when you join a server and have desync and cant do anything vault/take out item/drink from well you need to switch server, when it takes 8 minutes to do so its too long. especially since i dropped my bag to try fix desync and got kicked out. had to spend half an hour joining servers and quitting to find which server i dropped my backpack on.
(server history is not in order) which is another thing that should be fixed

Honestly, I don't see the problem in the timer. In my eyes, the timer should be longer than the previous 5 mins, because server hoppers weren't really stopping to hopp, they simply waited it out.

In my eyes, the problem is that people get the timer if it's not justified, meaning when getting kicked from "clan servers" or when timing out. But how should someone fix this, especially the last issue? How would you prevent server hoppers from simply pulling out there LAN wire and replugging it to avoid the server hopper timer?

Well Johnny it is simple. Don't punish normal players just because some do bullshit. Server hoppers are more likely of being killed than normal players. I think that kind of rules out the reasoning for the waiting time.
And concerning your last question about getting kicked of servers. The game should be smart enough to recognize when a player was kicked, session lost or simply got disconnected. Same with the ghosting and cloning. How do you punish players for flaws in the game that they aren't really exploiting on purpose but rather happen by accident? If I ever get banned for such a ridiculous reason I'll be pissed of to no end!

erfon1 added a subscriber: erfon1.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

Please don't listen to these hoppers

There is also a bug right now creating horrible long wait times even if you lost your connection or got kicked from a server, I'm seeing 10 to 12 minute reconnect times.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

OVER 400 Sec to wait?
WTF, why you change the time by make it longer?
This is a game so i wanna play. I don't wanna wait over 400 sec. for be kicked after joining or the game crash by old issues

maowcat added a subscriber: maowcat.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

Seriously it should be a 1 minute wait max, this is ridiculous. It's not just hopping that this happens either it happens when i die sometimes also. All these people complaining about hoppers is stupidity, it's an online game with the ability to switch servers (i personally think you shouldn't be able to switch servers with characters imo to prevent hopping altogether, one life, one server), so don't make me wait 450 seconds because i want to switch to a server with people on it because everyone else has left.

i logged in on a "DayZ EU - ..." Server. Looks normal by all information. During connecting there stands "experimantal" so i disconnect as fast as possible.
Next connect 500 sec. -.-
This is uncool and makes no fun :-S

They dont really have a choice though, too many people go to military bases and just server hop 30 times to get all pristine gear and the best weapons and sights then just go to berizino and snipe people trying to play the game legitly. The wait is annoying af tho and i dont see this game lasting very long they're alrdy going in the wrong direction making everyone spawn near only one viable place to get food before you die might as well expect it to go downhill from here

Hello GA-Bulletproof,

Thanks for sending in your feedback regarding this issue. I'll close the ticket since this should already have been changed. In case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.