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Deleting buildings (not resolved, even in 0.45)
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I know, the ticked "0004774" has been closed as "resolved" and every similar ticket gets relation to the "resolved" ticket, but this glitch is not resolved yet.

Deleting buildings still works like in the descriptions of the "resolved" ticket so it would be great if you could let it open till it really was resolved.

The steps below work even in the (yet) latest version 0.45 without being detected and still outline a huge problem for honest players:


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Steps To Reproduce
  • delete .pbo files (building for example)
  • start the game
  • put the files back into the folder
  • join a server
  • deleted buildings doesnt exist for you

(BE doesnt detect a problem, cause the files are in the folder again, although they were not be loaded)

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Jalapan added a subscriber: Jalapan.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

Still getting owned by people hacking, berezino police station is a common place, people remove the .pbo and run right through houses and shoot through them.

Me and a friend was killed today by a "hacker" he ran right through 2 buildings then shot us through a 3rd and looted us when he was inside a house (our bodies was outside)

Occured on stable 0.44

The last days me and my friends (we are always around 8 people) got killed through walls (deleted buildings) at least once a day (~2 hours playtime each).

Yesterday it happened to us 3 times on 3 different servers in less than 4 hours. Everyone of us for now stopped playing DayZ till this has been fixed. It seems like this way of hacking has gone too public and common - it seems like it's totaly normal now to do this. Too bad, but obviously not to change in anyway


we are aware of the problem and are looking into a possible solution. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

mishu added a comment.May 13 2014, 9:46 AM

Why do they ban accounts for the previous fix? Let's suppose i have pbo files corrupted by OS on my computer , and start playing dayz. This means that I am globally banned by an automated anticheat system because my filesystem went haywire , instead of kicking me out and forcing to reinstall the application.

Hi mishu,

people are not being banned for using this exploit. If someone claims they were banned for this, it is a lie. The worst that can happen is being kicked from the server.
This is a video description I found on YouTube.
To me this is critical and has to be resolved quickly! This bug is completely ruining game experience.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:58 PM

" we are aware of the problem and are looking into a possible solution. Thanks for bringing this to our attention."

Save all md5 or sha256 file hashes for the pbo-files on a central bohemia server.
When starting the game, compare this file hashes with the file hashes on your servers. Of course, with encrypted communication.

If there is a file with a wrong hash or if it does not exist, do not allow to connect to any server.

This is the theory. but this needs much more encryption, to abvoid that player can sniff this communication.

about :
this video has been created by a stupid german. This is totally normal. They are doing absolutely nothing else than destroying games like DayZ.

Furthmore: he deactivated the comments below this video: he is afraid .. this idiot.