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Zombie drop
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Please can we get rid of the zombies being dropped behind us if we pause in the wilderness for more than 30 seconds?
This is probably a deliberate feature to kill of dawdlers, but its a pain in the arse if you want to alt-tab and take a skype call or you want to look away briefly.
There are no zombies in the deep woods. They should not appear out of no-where if you want to fiddle with your inv or check your bearings. This is a very annoying feature. Please kill it, or at least make the zombie drop occur after, say, 3 mins of inactivity.


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I have had the same problem an found out from a friend that has a bit more game experience than me, he told me that the zombies my still be chasing you and catching up when you stop or they may be the new spawned zombies that can have a randomly either better or worse hearing and seeing distance than its previous character (zombie). I have found that its safe to log, check bearing, check gear, or take a break I need to look around for zombies and players then wait 30 seconds before i move away from the controls. From what else i gathered is that the zeds all have a limit of 100m max. in visual and hearing distance.

I also learned that if a zombie is chasing you and you can run down hill let it chase you down hill and lunge attack, it will kill its self from the fall.

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The zombies should be random on the map, but also, they should be there waiting for you rather than just spawn 100 meters from you (it also makes impossible to clear out an area.)