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Cannot add ammo to a weapon without having to remove what ammo is in the gun first (shotgun for example)
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When I shoot only one shell from my shotgun, I would like to add another one to it, rather than being forced to remove the last one first.

Also, there should be an animation for reloading only a single shell perhaps?


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Get a shotgun for example (also SKS and Mosin work like this)
Shoot once.
Try to reload (by draggin the ammo on the gun)
You have to empty the gun first (F*ck logic) :D
That is all. Thanx

Additional Information

Weapons who have this problem:
SKS Simonov
Mosin Nagant
The double-barreled shotgun (obviously both versions)

All these weapons should allow for reload even when the weapon is only half empty.

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He puts all bullits single into the mosin 5 times until the mosin is full but you are not able to reload only one single bullit (if there are 4 inside) :S

They're called bullets dude...and yeah, it is annoying and unrealistic. Mosin has no magazine and no special ammo holder, you just stack the bullets right in the gun, so you should be able to reload every single one. Maybe not with SKS (not sure) but definitely with the Revolver and the shotgun.

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Thanks for the report. We will look into the issue as soon as possible. Please keep testing the game ;)

In the same topic, why can't we chamber a weapon and then add a mag? It's not impossible in my way to do it and it will give you one more extra bullet. Instead we have to remove the bullet before adding the mag. As saymon5 says, F*ck logic ^^
And by the way, the is a snaploader for mosin... just not implemented yet ;)

Yep, has happened to me too.

Also I got another problem regarding to the buckshots here:

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I'll add to this topic that you can't eject shells at all from a shotgun currently, so you can't remove the current shells to reload the full amount.

There is another bug that occurs where the stack of shells in the shotgun reads as 0 in quantity after firing both shots, resulting in a shotgun with a stack of 0 loaded shells which can't be ejected. This renders the shotgun completely useless.