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Zombies respawn too fast, extremely near and there is no limit to their spawning (area unclear able)
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I was running along the coast, and I saw a zombie, as I had endgame gear and tons of ammo, I shot it. But then all hell broke loose. Zombies aggroed all over the place respawning as I ran. I killed more than thirty and they were still comíng... before logging out.


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Get to any location with atleast one zombie nearby.
Shoot it with any weapon.
Witness zombie spawn rampage.
Log out, so you don't die.

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I appreciate the spawning system, better more zombies than none... but the spawning mechanics should really be tweaked so you can clear out an are ..atleast for some time. This is riddiculous.

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I agree, my group was attacked at he NW Airbase and had to shoot back, before we even managed to reload for the first time we found our self's bashing Zeds instead of fighting for our lives, needless to say we were all killed by the bandits as they had no Zeds to fight.

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When you shoot you "attract" more zombies, thus if you fire you'll get swarmed, at least that is what I've been lead to believe. Just use an ax to kill singles or two while circling around (Which I've found to be easiest and safest).

Please consider yourself being fired upon and you need to retaliate, are you still gonna use your axe to dispatch Zed's or will you return fire, I think you'll use the latter thus Zed's will kill you.

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Will the others not have the same problem then? You could also bob and weave between the zombles for cover too, think outside the box mang.

Seriously.... I'm not gonna answer you, stop trolling.

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Being one hundred percent serious. Zombies are hardly a problem aside from their lagging attacks and glitching through walls. Cleaning up that will be more than enough to ensure that the spawn rate will only be a matter of how you handle yourself. Though the spawns that are right on top of you could be tweaked as well.

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This is a known issue and has been reported previously at #9559

Zombie mechanics are still a work in progress