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[Suggestion] Please clarify the options when administering morphine to another player
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I have been caught out, and a number of my friends also, when trying to give another character morphine and ended up giving it to myself.
The two (Apply and Inject) options in the context menu do not give you any clue as to who will receive the morphine, If it is the first time you have tried to do this then all you can do is guess which one gives it to you or to your friend. Its a 50/50 chance as either could apply.

I would suggest something like the following:
Apply Morphine to <Name of person interacting with>
Inject Myself

I am guessing that the same issue may be encounter when giving Epinephrine?


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Find another player and try to administer morphine

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For those who have not yet done it and don't want to waste their precious medical supplies by guessing incorrectly...
Apply will give the morphine to the other person.
Inject will give it to you.

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We will discuss this.