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Vehicles that encourage player co-operation and use of all the map
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Many people think that banditing is the easiest and safest way to play while it still gets the strongest results in terms of loot. If vehicles that gave the edge on getting to high loot areas required co-operative play, then people (especially new spawned) would be more likely to act friendly in order to utilize these vehicles or features. These could include barges or some other kind of boat which isn't easily (if at all) operated by a single person. This would mean people might team up to get a barge in working order and fuelled up to easily get from Berezino to Electro or Cherno. This would also encourage use of more of the map, as many players simply suicide to avoid playing out spawns in areas such as Berezino.


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Perhaps a dual outboard-motor boat could be used. While it could be used by a single person, they would have to repair steering to make the boat work while a two man team (one on each motor) could manually steer the boat without repairing the steering.

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Not meaning to be rude, but have you played the mod?
Most likey thing someone with a vehicle is going to do is run you over.
Vehicles are on the roadmap for release (q3 I think is the plan) but we may get bicycles and atvs earlier.
If the implementation in standalone is at all like the mod then vehicles will require repairing, so team work to gather the parts, fuel, etc will help.
I also understand that the plan is to limit the number of vehicles (some?, all?, not sure, the example was helis) accross all hives, so there may only be a handfull of helicopters scatter accross all servers in the game. Meaning, if you want one you have to find out where it is and raid the server to obtain it. This will be where teaming up will really needed.

A bandit and a bambi, sailing to good loot
On the way back, bambi smiles
While the bandit - waits to shoot


(Nevertheless, you got my vote.)

YOU people do understand, there is not going to be 50 vehicles on the server for you to drive around(more like 3 to 5), they are going to be broken they are going to need to be repaired and you will have to hunt the entire map to find parts for them to get them running. Plus your vehicle is not going to transfer from server to server its going to be on the server that you fix it on. And if you don't hide it well(like the tent for storage)someone is either going to steal it or take parts off of it and then Destroy IT. In short having a vehicle will put a target on your back..

Valid points all round, I still think it could be good. Perhaps not a motor opperated boat, because as Dawgstyl said, there isnt going to be a whole lot of vehicles except maybe bicycles etc. so as a slightly more common option, a dual person canoe that you have to find oars for.