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me and my brother cant play togather
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okay here's what happens me and my brother can not play together some times. while connecting to the server me and my brother get kicked when we try connecting to the same server.


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step 1: acquire a copy of dayz for 2 people.

step 2:have you and that person try and connect to the same server while on the same network.

if you manage to connect to the same server then congrats and if so exit server and try another one the chances of joining the same server together is 50/50.

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Could one of you please try the following?

  1. Right click DayZ in the Steam library
  2. Click properties
  3. Click "Set Launch Options"
  4. Enter "-port+1" into the field (without the quotes) and press OK

Let me know if this fixed your issue


i tried what you have suggested. i was only able to connect once and we had to log due to server lag.

but as soon as we tried connecting to another one it timed me and him out again.

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Just to double check, only one of you made this change?

Has anyone confirmed if this works? I will try later.

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My wife and I were having the same issue, as recently as version 47. The port adjustment for the launcher seems to have greatly improved our chances. Not perfect yet, but now it only happens once in 10 tries instead of 9.9 in 10.

For us the port adjustment did not help at all.

Please try out the following:

Add -port=25007 into your DayZ launch options on one of the PC's. To do this, you can right click on DayZ in Steam --> Properties --> Set Launch Options and enter "-port=25007" (without the quotation marks). The number doesn't really matter as long as it's different from the other computers which will use 2302, 2303, 2305 by default.

Alternatively, if you have access to the router settings and upnp is turned on, you can try turning it off, restarting router then trying again.

My partner and I both play DayZ SA on the same network, and of course seperate accounts. Her launch parameters are stock, but I have edited mine. As Accolyte mentioned, that change to launch options should do the trick.

My added parameter is:

/clientport 80

which has been described to help with desync issues. not sure it is entirely related, but considering we're in the same boat as you (playing on the same network) it may be a reason why my partner and I can play on the same network, and you cannot. Give Accolytes step a shot first, if nothing is fixed, give mine a go. And report back when you have a result.

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uh that is intresting since I want to play with my wife... so trouble is coming :-/ Please report if the workaround works.

mist3r - I have no issues playing with my partner on our network. I dont think this is a common issue.

Please try adding what I posted above, adding that parameter to the launch options, and reporting back with how you went.

After trying Accolyte's suggestion, my wife and I did some intentional server hoping. We were able to connect 100% of the servers we both tried. I consider this fixed for me now.

Oh, we did the port fix in the launcher, not the router change.


this issue is only tied to certain router models. Some people will never have an issue no matter how many computers play on the same network. The port change should work for the rest.

I will leave this open for a while longer in case anyone is still experiencing issues.

Now my Wife and me are gaming on 2 different PC's at the same time, it worked very well without Workaround:)