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Canned Sardines and Canned Tuna invisible
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I (or anyone I met) had trouble finding food on experimental, (0.44.116358) but when I looked at a rotten kiwi on the ground i noticed an empty gray "frame/box" and there was nothing on the floor or the bench exept for the kiwi. When I hovered the cursor over it, it said "Canned Sardines" so i put it in my inventory and the frame was still empty. I tried to open it with a screwdriver, and it worked, and then the "Opened Canned Sardines" texture appeared in the frame.
There could be more items than the sardines that is invisble... {F30739} {F30740} {F30741} {F30742}


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I found the Canned Sardines on an electric stove in a brick house. Press TAB and look for invisible items.

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I can confirm this. I added two screenshots which show the issue. There are several other things that are invisible: Working shoes, rotten fruits (bananas, tomatoes) and tactical bacon is what I can confirm till now.

I played on a DE acceleration test hardcore server (there is only one... sadly...).

duplicated report, please search first, just in case you can add to an existing issue report, saves times for devs and makes the issue have more reports as a single issue as opposed to spread out over multiple reports :P

NinjaMeh: What are you talking about? My report is 10 days older. 10 days!!! That other person should search first...

Yup, this report is quite a bit older. lol

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Can confirm, they reappear when you open them

@OldschoolWarfare no need to get like that man, i dont really look at the dates, and your thread had been buried. easy mistake for me to make. but i wasnt having a dig either.

:) at least your civilised unlike the children in the creche over at forums :rolleyes:

how do we report duplicate issues to the devs/moderators, i cant find a single thing that allows us to just report duplicate reports to get them merged.

really should be a feature on here to help us help them. ;)

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I've changed this issue to mention that Canned Tuna is also invisible, and closed the other.

Unfortunately there's no specific feature to report an issue, but if you just leave a comment like you have done here somebody should see it fairly quickly.

Checking the issue's ID is the easiest way to see which came first - bigger ID is always newer.


Woah that's weird!
I thought I've seen these models in experimental before but suddenly couldn't in the new one.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for further updates.

And on STABLE!

Well, you know why? It's because this issue were reported almost a month back, and since, they have pushed that experimental build, with a few additions and tweaks to stable. They never fixed this issue, and hence, it's now present on stable.

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This problem is still in stable 0.44. And if you open an invisble tuna or other fish food, it appears in the inventory menu, but after you eat it the inventory slot is taken. So you cant put anything in that slot. I tried it and it makes unusable those slots in my backpack.

CONFIRMED HERE happen to me to...always when i find a can of sardines its invisible in my inventory i can see that the item is ocupying the space in my inventory but is invisible like with no textures on

to correct the issue of bugged inventory after tuna or sardines, remove the item be it a bag or clothing item on the ground, pick it back up, and the slots become useable again. odd bug, sure they will fix it when needed

We are literally starving.

Game breaking! :D

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This issue is fixed on our internal servers. Please check if its also fixed in the next patch and let us know.

Thank You all!

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Hey guys

Thanks for the info. We are glad for the reports and information you provided us.

Do not hesitate to report more issues if found.

Thank you!

Seems to have actually been fixed in the current experimental.

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Agree: Fixed on current Experimental.