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Too much servers named "Don't join or kick" that are no private
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Many, many times I was kicked for just entering that kind of servers and just searched for another. Problem is that there is so many "kicking" servers with no reason and it's sometimes difficult to find normal server with ping I could manage (ping around 80). My Internet connection is quite good (60Mb/s)

Worst thing is that even servers with no "kicking name" just kick you for no reason and then you have to wait LogOut penalty without your fault.

My Internet connection is quite good (60Mb/s) and this "kicking thing" is just very rude and unfair.


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Join servers with "Don't join or kick" or randomly another servers - you'll never know.

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Admins that want players to not join their servers should set them to private.

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I think it's because there are no night servers anymore.
They don't want people on their servers, but are not allowed to password them, so they write kick into the name.

The reason for these "Do not Enter" servers is for looting and travelling. They are used by people to gather loot in an unpopulated state. One can also travel on them without worrying about being attacked.

DayZ seems to want to mitigate "server hopping" and encourage people to 'live' on one server to increase immersion. These "KICK" servers are the epitome of the perceived problem.

Personally, I do not hate the concept of server hopping, however, I do not agree with having a private server for that purpose alone.


the feedback tracker is not the correct place to report servers. They need to be reported directly to the server hosts.

Please refer to this thread in the forums:



please refer to the link that Johnny provided.

"Private" servers are not allowed under ANY circumstances at this time and should be reported to their respective hosts who are obligated to take action against such servers.