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If you are spawning into a server, you can die before you even get into the game because if someone is there they kill you
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I spawned into a server and spawned dead, this is because when i spawned there was a player in the area and he killed me. This ruins the game because its just not fair that there is a delay when spawning. Basically, when you enter a server, your body/character spawns in early and is uncontrollable by you (the player) for a very long time. If another player is there, they can easily shoot and kill you when you spawn in, this has happened numerous times to me.


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just have some one near you and then spawn into them, have them count how long it takes before you can actually play and are movable in the server.

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Solution: Don't leave a server when standing in a a hotspot for looting. Go into the woods, or hide in a shed/container.

This is good thing and its forced players to spawn some safer places NOT STRAIT TO BUILDINGS.

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Not an issue, see other comments

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The only point this becomes a issue is, when leaving the server due to desync, server restart or other higher forces. Than you can't choose your spawn location.

So your arguments are basically that you can avoid this issue by logging out at a save space?
This could also be an argument for not fixing stairs breaking your legs when you run on them since you should slowly walk.

Additionally, as Tobbs already stated, you can't always choose where you logout (Desync, restart, kick)

It is an issue. Your avatar is on the map before you are able to control it. I almost think the best thing would be for there to be a delay the other way, so I need to wait for my avatar to ready, not have an avatar ready and waiting for me. Maybe even a 'staging area' and when I am ready to enter the world, I press a button and BAM! go to my actual spawn location. This would allow everything to boot up and whatnot, any desync to stabalize, etc.. before controlling the character.

I agree with the bit about watching where you log out, but I wonder, have you ever been dumped out of a DayZ server with no ability to make prior arrangements? Hmm... ya, probably, huh? Maybe, like every day?!? Maybe from a crash or even a scheduled reboot (that you are not told about). And there is a slight possibility that you DO take care to log in a safe place and when you return, WHOA! there is someone there! Someone else likes the same little nook! ... it happens!

That happened in an older (last) Version but this is maybe connected to your problem.

Happened to me in over 200hrs 1 or 2 times. If you log out in Elektro/Cherno/Airfield its your own fault if you get killed at reconnect. If you get logged out by desync/kick/crash than connect to a low population server, get your char out of any hot zones.
This would make serverhopping easyier --> downvote.

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I also think the actual behavior is useful. And I usually seek for a safe location before logout. However it happened to me that there were some unexpected zombies after reconnect. I got attacked several times before I could defend myself.

Hi Eilindil,

Not accounting for bugs related to the logout process, this is by design. As some of the other guys have noted, I would highly recommend finding a secure/hidden spot for your character before logging out.