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2 steam accounts, 2 paid copies of Dayz, 1 in-game character
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I posted:
"I have 2 Steam Accounts and 1 Dayz SA purchase for each. When I log out of account "A" and into account "B" my character remains the same as account "A". This has been reported MANY times within the last week and after several hours of searching I've not found a single fix/answer to this. I'd like to get what I paid for. What do I have to do in order to play on my other account?"

I was answered:

this has been reported several times, yes. And if you actually read the reports you would see why there is no fix.

There is no fix, because there is no bug. The character that is loaded on the main menu screen is that last character that has been played. Upon connecting to a server the character corresponding to the active Steam account is loaded.

No save files are stored locally on your computer. They are stored in our database. Every time you log into the game, the client downloads the character based on which Steam account is active."

The problem here is that this information you have given me is ABSOLUTELY incorrect. I am not at all concerned with what my character looks like on the main menu screen before gameplay. I need you to understand that my IN-GAME character on one account is exactly the same as the IN-GAME character on another account.

This is what happens:
Log onto steam account "A" and launch DayZ.
Play the game (not look at the character before gameplay, but actually play). Then I can close the game.
Log out of steam account "A".
Log into steam account "B" and launch DayZ.
Play the game (again... I will choose a server and play the game.)
I am the same character as steam account "A".

Let's please try to address this. I have paid for the game and so far I'm not getting what I paid for.


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creating a new user in windows will resolve this issue and then logging into which ever account you want for that user.

Yea, that's what I was told and several people are reporting that it worked. It didn't work for me.

Ehm why isnt logging into another Steam account on the same computer taking this into account? Sad