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Weapon attachments are invisible while in First person
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My weapon attachments dissapear when I go into first person.
This is for all weapons {F30680} {F30681}


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Steps To Reproduce

Logg into a server as a noob and find a weapon
When initially adding attachments, they will be present and working.

after logging into a new server the attachments start dissapearing when turning in or looking around.

Paint the weapon and log into a new server (or same server, as long as you log off and back on)

The attachments should now be invisible when in first person, mosin will look normal but the when right clicking the scope works normally when zoomed but returning to normal view with weapon in hand the scope and all other attachments will not be visible. even when looking at inventory the items are there.

Additional Information

This is for all weapons I currently use.
GPU: R9 290 latest Driver
8GB Ram

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I can testify to also being struck by this issue. It started with no previous warnings three days ago, and absolutely every firearm I pick up will show attachments in 3rd person, but NOT in 1st person.


Having the same issue, weapon attachments started flickering on my SKS after painting it till it came to a point when the PU scope attached to it was no longer visible in first person. I got rid of the SKS for a new weapon that has not been painted but the problem still persists - attachments visible in 3rd person but not in 1st person.

Restarting DayZ then going to the DayZ properties in the Steam library and clicking "Verify Game Cashe" in Local Files is only a temporary fix as the problem seems to return after a while.


I have discovered something interesting about this bug. Remember the bug where at certain angles in 3rd person you cannot see the attachments? It would seem that we have a different bug, but we actually have the same one. And actually, you can't see the attachments from certain angles in 3rd person, even if you think you can. Let me explain this. The angle at which we can not see our gun attachments is the angle facing where our players body is facing (unlike other people experiencing the bug). To test this, put your gun in your hands, go to 3rd person, then hold ALT to barely pan to the right (or barely look left). You want to be looking at your player from almost directly behind him, but just turn your view enough so that you can see his gun. When I did this, my gun attachments were invisible until I was almost looking at my player from the side. The only reason we can't see the gun attachments in 1st person ever is because we can only see our attachments while not looking straight ahead, and there is no way to see our gun at any other angle or from any other point of view while in 1st person.

It would seem as though this issue has been resolved for me at least

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yeah, i have also no problems since the new update

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been playing hardcore and i have noticed that the fnx mag has a flickering texture ones inside of a holster. Also weapons carried by other people wont draw the models of different attachments.

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Have been hit by this issue as well. Fixed it by verifying DayZ client files via steam, worked partially. I have also been unable to see attachments on other players weapons.

Many of my squad have been hit with this same bug since 0.44 went to stable.

I can confirm that this issue has been resolved to a certain degree, at least on my side I can now see all my attachments without problem.

However, I have ran with other people who describe not seeing their friend's weapon attachments but are able to see there own. This does not cause any gameplay problems as players can still use their there own weapons and see there own attachments, despite not seeing their friend's attachments but is something minor which could be looked into.