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Ruined Items from damage received
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Yesterday I fell from a set of steps in the North Western Air field Fire station. Consequently my leg got broken from a very small fall but luckily I had some morphine so the problem was solved. But to my frustration the pants I had and all the items in them ended up ruined? I can understand than if I got shot or if I fell a massive distance the items in my pockets my get damaged but to get completely ruined I thought it was a little extreme.
On another occasion I had to unfortunately take out another survivor. I don't like doing it but this guy wouldn't talk only shoot. After being successful in dispatching him I ran to gather some loot. Again absolutely everything was ruined.
Now I'm not saying that items should escape undamaged but for me to fall a small distance and a pristine magnum to become ruined from that fall purely because it was in my trouser pocket is a little harsh.


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I haven't tried throwing myself of things yet to get the same effect but. Everytime I receive damage or inflict damage I will be sure to check on the status of items.

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Zombie damage does the same. In one hit he ruined my trouser which were only worn and the magnum in them which was pristine.

Yeah I had that happen as well. I got hit from a zombie and everything in my rain coat and my back pack got ruined.

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Same here. One hit from a zombie ruined my TTsKO jacket and all items in it, including a pristine CZ75, which I feel is a little extreme.
I am quite happy that the zombies are now an actual threat and need to be taken into account when you're out looting. People are now being forced to deal with them rather than just running around them and this has brought in a whole new aspect to the game.
That said, I believe they are still working on the balancing of this component so I hope they will revisit the damage given to items when hit by a zombie.

Degraf added a subscriber: Degraf.May 8 2016, 5:41 PM

it's an alpha... this is rly one of the minor problems... just search for new pants and new stuff - fixed

Degraf - yes its an alpha hence why we have this site to report problems on. I wouldn't say that its a minor problem. One hit and all of your gear is ruined after spending hours of searching. Yes its easy to fix and look for new gear Im simply reporting my experiences in the game and letting the developers know so they can make a decent game that has as little bugs as possible.

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@Prohpet2413 I've known people to fall off of a curb and break their leg. It stands to reason in game that if something breaks your leg it probably has enough force to break stuff in your trousers too.

In the future don't run around when near stairs.


this problem is known. It is a balancing issue. I will close this for now as these problems will be addressed later in development.

The damage from falling will hopefully be adjusted sooner than anything else.