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Night doesn't exist ever since the last patch.
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I understand there is now an ability added to speed up the day and night cycle, but I couldn't find any info anywhere that it was disabled for now.

Basically there is no night. No matter what hour is on any server I joined (I've tried at least a dozen) there's always day, what's more, the sun is always in the same position. Sometimes the sky itself seems dark, as if it wanted really hard to become night, but the sun's still shining as bright as ever.


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I have a server and I can confirm this. Setting the Server time does nothing.

Kind of glad there is no night right now. It's unplayable at night now since the 0.42 patch. Shadows and clouds never completely disable so even with full gamma and brightness it's difficult to see anything.

Nam added a comment.Mar 26 2014, 11:44 AM

@shogodz89: You dont HAVE to play on a night server. I love playing night servers, without gamma/brightness up to be able to see. The anxiety, the feeling of being watched, and that zombies might come out of nowhere, it's amazingly scary, and THATS why I play on night servers. I stopped playing now, because I dont get the same satisfaction from playing in daylight.

You say it's unplayable, because its "too" dark. For me, it cant be dark enough...

sabre05 added a subscriber: sabre05.May 8 2016, 5:41 PM

@Nam. How can it be tense? The zombies don't see you unless you're in their face waving a flashlight around, people don't see you unless you're waving a flashlight around. You can barely find loot unless you wave a flashlight around.

It's currently a mode where you're one of 3 things. Blind as fuck. Giving your position away with a light source or using the gamma trick which still leaves you searching for loot like a blind man looking for his shoes.

Nam added a comment.Mar 26 2014, 12:40 PM

You're supposed to use your flashlight to find stuff. The excitement from using it, is not knowing if there's anyone nearby who may have seen it. Also, some zombies do see you in the dark, and will be in your face without warning..

Let's not judge eachother on playstyle though, shall we? I hope night cycle will be fixed again, so I can play the game, the way I choose to. You have a choice to NOT play on a night server, but they need to be there for people who choose to play that way

shogodz89: You do realize that you shouldn't be able to do this? Night IS dark without a light.

sabre05: Night is the great equaliser. It dosn't mather if you have a mosin with longerange scope or a magnum, so it isn't as easy to shoot newspawns.
It's harder to spot someone looting but even harder to see someone sneaking up on you.
And it's a constant fight weather you turn on your flashlight to get loot or leave it off and stay save.

I know it is alpha but this bug is pretty game breaking and I think devs should atleast make some statement about it.


Noo....I completely forgot what night time was supposed to be. You missed the point as did a few others.
Night time in this game is completely pointless and otherwise unplayable unless you have a flashlight. It only suits two purposes at the moment:

  1. Night time servers allow players with increased gamma and brightness to safely loot Chernarus without getting ass raped by bandits/zombies
  2. To please the small minority of players who want to be "immersed" in the gameplay.

Obviously night time needs some work because it is not even remotely realistic when it comes to how we actually view night time so in it's current state, it is just annoying and unplayable UNLESS you bump up gamma/brightness and turn off shadows/clouds.

So, while I like to safely traverse the map without getting KOS every hour, night time helps a lot. You might feel differently and want to play in night time servers because it gives you some sort of excitement but I'm willing to bet that in time night time won't even be in the game anymore because of the obvious balancing issues with lighting AND the fact that only a handful of people will play it with default settings.

Nam added a comment.Apr 8 2014, 4:57 PM

Would like to see this bugreport acknowledged!

I can confirm this as well. No night time as my server is set up from 4pm to 8 pm

Wow, no acknowledgement about this......

Yeah, I would really like to be able to play at night. I know the condensed time thing is what kind of screwed everything up in the last update, but removing time entirely to fix it kind of sucks.