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The new zombie in 0.43 update
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Dayz becomes unplayable, zombies runs too fast, sprinting if you want to defend themselves and take weapon is our character slowed down (we can not do a sprint and change weapon we have to loose the key) but to moment, our prosecutor (zombie) strikes us, then zombies telement runs fast it teleports. In addition, when the player spawn a zombie server in the area and we benchmark runs to us, so when the map is loaded has finished we are already attacked by zombie.
In this stage of the game it is preferable to set the zombie problem that passes through walls, the ground also. Rather increase their resistance, 95% of firearms (pistol, rifle, assault rifle) is used zombie kills in one shot to the chest! {F30670}


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i dont agree, and i agree

the zombie intelligence and skills have to be adjusted, but at the moment the zombs are a really threat - thats good!

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I do like the zombies, But they give out to many bleeds/broken bones on a hit, the chance for these types of damage should be reduced. There attack distance is to high as they can hit me, but I can't hit them with an axe at the same distance. And they damage equipment to quickly a lot more. The grater part of the damage should be on me and not the items I am carrying IMOP. Not saying the above should go, but when more zeds are added this would make the game unplayable and I'm not looking forward to loosing my currant character and his kit as it will be very hard to stay alive with no bandages/rags as they are hard to get with the current hit to bleed ratio.

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I'm not liking that I have to walk up a small hill, if you can even consider it walking.. but the zombie can leap/sprint behind me hitting me all the way up

I agree and disagree. I think they are too fast, too easily pulled. Sneaking doesn't work. Getting chased by 6 zombies you can't out run, can't kill without an axe or gun, zombies bugging through walls/knocking the player through walls, zombies spawning in woods, all these things happening all at once is not much fun. I do agree the threat is good, because before they were far too soft for geared characters, but now they are too hard for new spawns. I think they need toning down slightly, the speed and pull range especially, damage is cool.

yea man, I liked it a lot better with the zombies from the start. the new zombies are just ridiculous. makes the game more frustrating then fun....

I agree. Because the zombies are unfinished features in game yet, adding another unfinished re-spawn mechanic (and/or speed increase) make the game worse. I know that it is an alpha, but this is a public payed alpha, not in-house testing. So human error is understandable, but this kind of zombie respawn should not be included to stable or tested on experimental only for development purpose.

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And again ^^.
I like the zombies as they are. But only the watching range of the zombies (not hearing) and the glitch with the walls (for zombies walls not exists by moving, attack and watch) and spawn range (they spawn to near and fast) should be fixed. Thats all.


zombies are constantly being worked on. The way they work will change between updates.

Closing this for now as it will not be relevant a few patches from now.