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100% for weapon spawn at the third floor of office/school building.
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During one of pre-alpha devblogs, Dean Hall seemingly programmed the top floor of the school/office to have a 100% chance to spawn a random weapon. During the devblog, he proceeded to use the weapon that spawned, it was an M4 at the time.

Here is the link to the devblog along with a time-stamp.

Since then, the building would ALWAYS spawn a random weapon during every loot cycle. I would always find at least 1 gun if the school is unlooted, in the same place - the third floor. {F30603} {F30604} {F30605} {F30606} {F30607} {F30608}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to an unlooted 'school/office' building.
  2. Go to the top floor of the building.
  3. Receive gun.
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Uncertain whether this is an intended feature.

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A lot of people are gonna be pissed I reported this, but shit gotta get fixed yo...

I'm pissed you reported it!! LOL! He is right. 100% chance.

Come on, this is still happening with 100% reproducibility. I could add a million more images of me finding guns if I wanted to.


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people are downvoting beacause its true :S... cmon people, You cant be asses. We are helping to get an awesome game working well not with known advantages...

must be an american school

Do you have proof from game files that this is 100%?

I don't, I am just a player.

But go on any empty server, to that same spot. I guarantee you're going to find a weapon up there. Be it a side-arm, a rifle or a shotgun.

I have no motive whatsoever to make this up.

Here is the video of Dean Hall finding a gun in the same spot during one of his devblogs.

I noted that, checked out the place myself, and every time since that day I've found a gun there. If the building is not looted beforehand, a gun is always there without exception.

Issue still present as of 0.44 Stable.

Sorry this doesn't have to do with the actual issue, but it's quite funny how many people still think this building is a school, even if it doesn't have any classrooms at all. In fact, there isn't any school building anywhere around Chernarus. This building however looks more like a job agency or township office. Anything but a school. I'm hoping for the devs to add a real school building with a few classrooms, a gym and a kindergarten. Like the one from DayZ Origins ;)

Besides that, I can confirm this issue. I have always found a random gun in that spot if someone wasn't there before me. Not really a bugging issue to me though. I think we all know it ain't gonna get fixed anytime soon. Loot table balancing most likely has low priority until beta is out. Well, maybe my upvote helps a bit...

Yeah, I agree. It is mainly called school or office due to the word's brevity. Otherwise it's a bit vague as to what it is, and no one wants to use more than a single word to designate it.

Still effective as of 45.124426.

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Let's all call this building the township job agency office!
It's not a mouthfull at all :)

(Just kidding, don't get offended orangutanklaus)

I see no problem with this issue except maybe because it doesn't spawn an AKM.

Still effective as of 47.124594 Experimental.

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of course it's intended

ps: this post is why we can't have nice things...