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Gear: Hard headgear (ballistic, moto, construction and pilot helmets) cannot be wear together with masks
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Why I can't wear M10 Gas Mask with Ballistic helmet?
helmet isn't covering all my face. It is only covering TOP of my head.
I don't really wanna see my nigga's face. I want gas mask+helmet.
Why it is removed? Just why? Gas mask is only a cosmetic item, I love it so much in pair with helmet.
How to get refund? I don't wanna play. {F30598}


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I agree, some "masks" you should be able to wear with helmets,

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I did not realize they had included the gas mask/ballistic helmet combination as part of the fix. This must be a bug as this combination is designed to be worn together.
Any mask and full faced motorcycle helmet not being able to wear together I fully understand.

A gasmask and a motorcycle helmet makes sense. Everything else should be possible.

I'm talking about ballistic helmet, not about motorcycle. Motorcycle+gas mask is really stupid, but not ballistic+mask.

Hey folks,

the ballistic helmet + gas mask combination is currently disabled due to some adjustments that needed doing. It is intended that you cannot equip the two items at the same time for now.