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Inventory slots break at random.
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Inventory slots break at random, making it impossible to put items in such slots. Can be fixed by putting the storage item in question on the ground and back up again.

All the other slots in the item usually function, with only that one slot being corrupted at one time. {F30593} {F30594} {F30595}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Happens at random.
  2. Try to put an item into a slot.
  3. Witness the slot not react at all, leaving the item in it's original state.

P.S. Can be fixed by dropping the container item on the ground and picking back up again.

Additional Information

Can be fixed by dropping the storage/container item on the ground and picking back up again.

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In the pictures - I am attempting to put items into the aforementioned 'broken slot.' Has happened to me more that once with a number of items.

Same problem here. What seems to help for me (workaround) is to drag the 'gear' into the vicinity and back in.

Franzuu added a subscriber: Franzuu.May 8 2016, 5:35 PM

same stuff, inventory slots broke. I managed to fix one of them but not the other. I don't know what I did to fix it. I moved stuff around, dropped stuff on the ground, removed clothing etc.

99 bugs in the code, take one down fix it around, 65489 bugs in the code. :D

happens constantly. dropping the container and putting it back on again fixes it.

I know what causes this. When you eat something then sometimes you are left with an invisible 0% food item. Drop the container on the ground and pick it up again and the invisible food item disappears.

Disconnect and reconnect and now the invisible food item is visible, you can drop it now.

I have noticed that 0% food tends to happen more often if you are eating too fast.


Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into it.

Please keep testing the game and let us know if the issue is still present.

Trivium added a subscriber: Trivium.May 8 2016, 5:35 PM

Not 100% sure, but I think this happens when eating/drinking directly from the vicinity without putting the item in your inventory.

@Trivium, very possible. I had a mostly full inventory and didn't bother picking up sodas, just drank them. Kept getting broken slots.

I put another image up here if it helps any. What happened to me was that the slot where it shows the can in had is glitched and cant put anything there. But when i ate this can from "vicinity" it copied the item to the broken slot and still had the vicinity item. Clicking one selected both. kinda like 2 pointers for the same object. After eating, both items vanished and the slot is still broken.

Don't know if that sheds any light on the issue but figured it couldn't hurt.

Still effective as of 45.124426

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we believe this has been fixed.
Please submit a new ticket if the issue persists.
Be aware that there are similar issues which are however caused by something else (containers not displaying their contents properly) - if you encounter a similar problem, please try "refreshing" the container by dropping it on the ground and see if the items suddenly appear. If so, the issue is known and has been reported.
Thank you,