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Opening cans ruins SKS Bayonet
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Opening cans of food ruins the SKS bayonet - one degree of condition with every use. So if you use a pristine bayonet to open one can, it'll be worn after that and so on.


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Find a SKS Bayonet, use it to open cans of food - find it ruined after few uses!

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This seems all too normal. Ive had this happen with a mosin bayonet and even a screwdriver. It makes sense for an item to degrade after a couple of uses.

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This is not a bug. This is a designed feature.

Certain (sharp) items, though able to open canned goods, are items not intended for this use and will be damaged when used in this way. The only item that won't be damaged from opening them is a can opener.

Dean covered this in a devblog a long time ago. If you think the degradation rate for the bayonet is too quick then make a post in the suggestions thread of the forum. This however is not a bug.


like others have already suggested, this is an inteded feature, not a bug.