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randomly losing my gear after relogging to another server.
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today i sat down was gonna play some dayz and on the main menu i saw my char with his gear, gun and so on.
when i joined a server i joined as a fresh spawn with nothing.
this has happened before to.
sometimes random sometimes more frequent.
please for the love of god fix this issue.
it really makes people want to stop playing when their gear is at risk of disappearing.


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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78

Also ensure that you are always playing on the same hive - you have a unique character on Regular, Hardcore and Experimental.


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This happens to me only when I'm not really looking at what kind of server I log in to. Regular and hardcore servers are on different hives. I only play regular, for 3pv, but every now and then, I get shocked to see all my gear gone when logging in to a hardcore server by accident.

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the thing is that i look and make sure i dont join hardcore servers.

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This will also happen if the server you've joined cannot connect to the central hive for some reason. It is always best to log off immediately when this happens and wait 30 mins and try to re-log on. This will fix this issue most of the time.

The thing is that if you're logged on when that server is able to connect to the hive, your current session & character will overwrite your past character data on the central hive. So if this happens log off immediately and wait for a few minutes before trying again.

Experimental Branch currently has notification messages about this to tell you when the server isn't connecting to the central hive. Not sure these are rolled-out to stable yet.

@iBane Does this message appear before the new charakter is created? Or where exactly is this message being displayed? It is not in the stable branch yet but i guess it will be tomorrow.