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Store items in clothing, when clothing is in inventory
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You can store items in clothing that resides inside an inventory; clothing not being worn.
This works with any piece of clothing that has an inventory.


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Drag anything ontop of clothing which contains an inventory.

Additional Information

When the clothing is inside of an inventory you can drag any item on to it and store the item inside of the clothing inventory.

Items stored this way can still be used via the hot bar.
This works for items already in an inventory IE:. A bandage inside a med bag can be places into a clothing article that is inside of your backpack, and you can still use the bandage via the hot bar.

Once an article of clothing has items inside of it's inventory it can not be moved in the backpack but can still be placed onto the ground to retrieve the contents inside.

This essentially makes any clothing article with 6 slots equivalent to a Small Protector Case.

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this is a known issue and we are already working on a fix. We appreciate your feedback however!

Thank you!