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Favorite Servers Not Consistent
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for the sake of not having to wait for the entire server list to populate in order to play on Experimental servers, I favorited all of the Hardcore Experimental servers at or below 250 ping.

Within a day or so, without fail, several of the favorited hardcore experimental servers "fall off" my favorites list, replaced by regular experimental servers.

I have added no favorites other than the hardcore experimental, so there is no chance that the error is due to me or to lack of consistency/recognition


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Join Experimental branch.

Clear all favorites.

Add several (8) hardcore experimental servers to favorites list.

Come back later, notice that several of your favorited servers are now gone, replaced by other ones.

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it sounds to me that the list is in fact consistent, only the servers changed settings.

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if I add, for example:

DayZ US 01 (Experimental Hardcore)
DayZ US 02 (Experimental Hardcore)

I will end up with one or both of them eventually being removed from favorites, and replaced with something like

DayZ US 03 (Experimental Regular)
DayZ US 04 (Experimental Regular)

The "Server ID", US 01, 02, 03, 04... do not change. 01 and 02 are ALWAYS hardcore, etc. so there is no issue with servers changing settings.

other users have posted this issue as well, and their theory seems to be correct... the swap out seems to happen when a server is rebooted.

see report 0005095: Favorite servers changes automatically