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Unlocking Handcuffs resets their condition
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I handcuffed a friend with Badly Damaged handcuffs as a joke. I wanted him to break out of them but he didn't take the joke very well. I then proceeded to unlock the cuffs and after doing so, I noticed that when they returned to my inventory, they were now in Pristine condition.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find handcuffs that are not in Pristine condition.
  2. Handcuff someone with them.
  3. Unlock their handcuffs.
  4. Check handcuff condition in your inventory.
Additional Information

Since I only had one handcuff that was not in Pristine condition, I was unable to attempt to reproduce this bug. I will update this when I can reproduce this bug.

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I can confirm having the same thing happen. I attempted this last night around 10PM EST.

I confirm that. I encountered it, we have redone it and it worked again. in 0.35.115188

Now in 0.42.116181, we are not able to do this anymore, because "there is nothing left" shows up while trying to handcuff.


we are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for future updates on the situation.

Thank you for your feedback!


this issue will not be fixed. It is in no way gamebreaking and fixing it might cause an undesirable hit on the game's performance.