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Skiping berry picking animation.
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If you take something in hand, rise it with pressing space and aiming it on bush and then spamming "F" allows you to pick berry's without animation. I found it while holding magnum in my hand and then pointing it on bush and pressing F. 
All so possibility of finding berry's should be increased. Right now possibility of finding anything is under 10%(should be at least 50%or even more. All so would be realistic if you can find ruined/rotten berry's. {F30401}


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Take flashlight in hand, point it on bush, press "F"

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Confirmed on current experimental

Found it with a mosin in hand.
tested with flashlight as well.

agree on the animation, although would rather see a higher drop rate as the percentage is extremely low. Also that once picked a bush would stop spawning berries after 2-3 sucesses

Confirmed (this is easy to exploit because everyone spawns with a flash light which can be used to do this, and survive on nothing), also i think the system should not be based on chance. Its not realistic if that is what the game design is going for. you should be able to:

  • Stack berries (like ammo).
  • certain bushes should have spawned a certain amount of berries over time.
  • picking from those bushes should get berries 100% of the time. Until there are no more in that bush. (this is realistic)
  • Over time that bush should automatically grow more berries (maybe over 1/2 nights)

I agree with Lord_Meshadieme picking berries atm is pointless. Going through a long animation which fails 90% of the time is annoying.

Either go through the animation and find berries or get a notification saying there are no berries on this bush, meaning you have to search different bushes instead of just spamming the same one repeatedly..

Also maybe find different sizes of berries or varying amounts of them.


we are aware of this issue and are already working on a fix.

Please keep monitoring this issue for future updates on the situation.

Thank you for your feedback!