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Request: How about some new guns that make sense?
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Would be nice to see some new guns that you would actually see in russia, Makarov, M9 you've got the M4, makes sense), Mp-443 Grach, AK47 (uses same ammo as SKS), AK74M (Personal favorite of mine), hell maybe even a Dragunov or SVT-40 something you can reach out and say hello with.


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Also, Please add some a variety of shotguns and mods for them, i.e. Mossberg or Remington M87 with a pistol grip attachment that shortens the gun enough to place in a five slot horizontal inventory such as a backpack.

Second that. A Mossberg 500 cruiser with a pistol grip would easily fit in even a hunting backpack. OH and a keltec Sub-2000, 9mm semi-auto rifle that folds, i've seen em carried on a single point harness under a thick hoodie before that's how small this thing is.

Why would a keltec be in this region of the world? The only guns that are really applicable is anything used by the military in this region and various smooth bore shotguns and .22s. If DayZ is going to "make sense" there really won't be a ton of weapons.

Why would an M4? although i do agree there should be some sort of smooth-bore pump action shotgun IE the 870, Mossberg 500 or if you want to get completely crazy/possibly OP, the saiga 12k semi-auto

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Is Day-z fixed to a time period? Also doesn't the inclusion of the Dragunov mean we can throw the RPD or later on the RPK into the mix? These rifles would have to be very very rare, but i agree the M4 is probably not the most likely rifle.

Depending on the era you've got soviet military bases with some of these guns lying around, so its not inconceivable to have full auto rifles, just very few and limited ammo.

I don't think so really, you've got the FNX is a relatively new handgun, but at the same time i'm yet to see a cellphone or flat screen TV and the computers look like my old packard bell that ran windows 95 :P

Not everyone can afford the latest kit :)

Looks like the FNX was taken from ARMA2 probably just as a holding item. Just like many of the smaller details this probably doesn't require scrutiny until the story parts of Day-z are explained.

Then I think we'll get a better idea of what should plausibly be in the world.

I prefer less bugs and a new engine than more guns.

well if yall want the truth they need to fix the shotguns according to all the wiki's i have seen it takes 4-5 shots to kill some one with a shotgun close range that be crap if u ask me

It's what I said:

bug fixing BEFORE new features.

Hey guys,

rest assured that we have plenty of "cool" guns planned ahead and will keep delivering them once they are ready.

Thank you for your feedback!