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Unrealistic ambient sounds causing false alarms (broken stick sound).
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The ambient sounds right now are really annoying, especially for lone players. Anything from car noises, to eating sounds, to chain link fences. The one that gets me is the broken stick sound in the forest. Holy crap! Please just remove those references from the sound files, please.

***I know this has been on here a while ago, but maybe some more people can get on board with this report. Hopefully it's a simple fix that would go a long way.


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And I don't think it would be too hard to implement the broken stick sound as a footstep variant sound on forest tiles. Since footstep noises are randomly chosen(on other engines anyways), maybe 1/50 foot plants could be a "stick break" sound?

ONLY run modes though. Thanks!

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Yeah those ambient sounds are really annoying and I don't know why they are even in this game. Please delete those and add something useful.

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I agree too ' hate those sounds...

I like the ambient noises, but they need to be location appropriate. Clanging and banging are OK for the city, but are plain silly in the forest.