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crash to desktop graphics settings
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i have been able to reproduce this crash to desktop 100%.


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in quality settings, i have everything set to normal except clouds which is set to disabled. when i try to set clouds to very high the client crashes instantly. as i said, i can replicate this crash 100%. i have included a link to my bug report list to the steam forums in the additional information. the link also has my pc spec info. to be honest, there are opinions that say the devs dont pay attention to the bug reports and ideas and suggestions over at the steam forums. this would be an incredible disappointment if that was true. if you are in fact paying attention to whats going on over at the steam forums you should have no problem following the link i have included.

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i keep a running bug report on steam. here is the link to it.

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It is not your graphics settings. Join a stable server, you will notice that the names of the server versions do not match the actual version the server is running. They dicked up the Wednesday patch. You are getting the memory bug that they fixed in 115188. Even the experimental servers are not running the current patch, they are running 115182. I can't believe that no one has addressed this yet.

Pay attention to the top left corner of the screen when you login next time.

I don't want to be the bug report police, but the bug reports should be here. And any CTDs should follow: and post a DxDiag and crash dump. Without the proper information you just make it harder for the dev to help you. I do not experience these crashes, so posting the required info so someone could look at your case would be a huge help.