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There are houses where you never find loot in them, because it spawns beneath the floor on the ground
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There are houses where you never find any loot in them. It's the green house with a little stair up to the elevated entrance, a similar red one,also with a stair leading up, and others.

The loot spawn is bugged and gliched below the houses's floor on the ground.

I found this out when I dropped a first aid kit in one of them, and suddenly it was gone. When i searched for it, my view gliched and I could see through the floor. There was my first aid kit! down on the grass ground beneath the house!
And also there was a can of beans and something else! The loot that should have spawned in the house just falls beneath it!

most of the houses that never seem to spawn any loot are houses which interior is higher above the ground, where you have to climb a small stair to get in.

Afterall, it means there is a shitton of loot on the server that noone ever picks up, this could easily add to the fps!

Please Devs check this out!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Be in a small town right after server restart
  1. Go to houses with elevated floors.

3.check for loot. none will be found

4.try to glitchview through the floor, loot is there on the ground beneath the house.

Additional Information

As I had posted this on Reddit, people reported lots of other similar bugged loot spawns like the green house, f.e.:

-cars (no loot)
-castles (loot spawns high in the air)
-other houses with bugged loot spawns

For more reports on this issue check the reddit post to this:

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annoying bug

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I can't say I have directly confirmed this bug but I've suspected something like this was the case for some time. Especially when taken in context with things you drop never appearing or falling through the floor in some buildings. Worth looking into, this one.

[edit] Visually confirmed. Also, this can be seen on the roof of both the ACT and School. Go prone (be sure you are within the small raised center if on the roof at the school) and in first person view you should be able to glitchview or use vicinity tab to view the loot that is hidden below the textures there.

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Thank you for the report. Could you please take a screenshot of the loot under the building as well?

I will try to post some screens of lost items which can be found a floor below. I will try to reproduce this issue as well.

I just need to get out of a wrecked ship where I glitched into a room without exits. It may take a while to starve or dehydrate to death.

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This is a known issue. Try jumping in the corners, that could help you get out of the room. #8729

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Heres some screen shots of a different house with the same issue

1: Empty looking room

2: loot visible when inventory open

3: outside view of building

Also, same issue at devils castle in the main castle building

1: sunken wellies

2: unreachable loot below one of the upper floors

There are many more, mostly residential buildings that appear to never spawn loot, i suspect they all have the same issue.

@Kira: Tried but jumping and running in corners only makes my char more hungry. That is good as I will soon die and will be able to start one more time.

The link you gave was a little of help. I appeared in that ship section not after logging in but during a walk on the deck. And all reports are closed so I can't post anything. Issue is known but it is not gonna be fixed soon as it is a major flaw in the game engine and its collision detection system. At least a couple of months to rewrite parts of the code responsible for detecting collisions.

BTW: Those screens (invisible loot) are uploaded by someone else so I think that I won't have to do it again as I think doing so is redundant.

Sorry for OT. My first day here. I need to get used to that clumsy interface.

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I can confirm this, I usually walk around in a room with my inventory open (vicinity) to catch things that are beneath the floor

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We are aware of this issue and the team is constantly working on a fix. Please, keep this issue alive and test it after every patch.

Thank You.

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Just for the record: still happening in some twostory houses.