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Street lights with no apparent source
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Some street lights throughout the map are on, as some people know. But whether or not this should be the case, they have no source. The area is just lit up, and there is no obvious light emitting from the lamps themselves. There is also no shadow cast by these lights, but your weapon model and body do react to the light. {F30273} {F30274} {F30275} {F30276}


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Log into a server and find a town with street lamps in version 0.35.115188.

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HDR Quality is set to low. Shadows are set to very high. Ambient occlusion is disabled. All other quality settings are set to very high. Texture settings are set to high. Gamma and brightness is set to defaults. Using an HD5850 video card with Catalyst 13.4.

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odd. and it appears sorta 'budget'. It is clearly an oversight and will be perceived as a dumb thing left out if not remedied.

See the screenshots "streetlamp_1" and "streetlamp_2".

There is an actual source, the bulb just not shining. XD