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Broken Bone Status / Drowning / Respawn Issues
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On leaving one of the single story buildings, the character seems to have taken fall damage and broken a bone (now stuck in prone and unable to walk) although the fall was only a very short distance? Did some research into fixing the broken bone status and found that morphine/splint are needed to cure the effect. However for solo players this seems somewhat unfair/impossible to find alone while stuck crawling. Anyhow there are issues that are caused by being stuck in this state, you are unable to respawn with broken bone. So I decided to try and crawl into the sea to drown myself in the hope of being able to respawn. around half a hour of crawling to the sea, managed to drown myself, the screen goes black other than item hotkeys, and displays message "you are dead" however still unable to respawn. I tried backing out of the lobby and back in thinking I would now respawn, however I now come back to life, with a broken leg, and in the sea once again. these issues definitely need revising:
1: Fall damage from short height
2: Broken bone status - enable respawn?
3: Drowning with broken bone unable to respawn on death (not tried without broken bone)

Thanks, keep up the good work!


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Fall from distance, enough to break bone without death.
Crawl to any water deep enough to drown.

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Have not managed to find a zombie as of yet in the hope it will attack and kill me, and if this would resolve my "unable to respawn" issue.

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Same Problem here, please enable Respawn for this. Thank you

Hey there,

thanks for the report. We'll see what can be done.
We had no problems respawning after leaving the server and connecting again. Use that to respawn should you encounter a similar situation in the future.

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@big uno
You can create makeshift splints already. You combine a Wooden Stick with a Bandage, Bandage Dressing or Rag.

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I agree with Keller. I've jumped off of higher distances in real life than would kill the player in this game. Maybe a hurt ankle at most, definitely sores in the morning, but no broken bones, let alone death. If you landed wrong, maybe it would break an ankle (limping animations ftw?), curable my morphine. But the chance it would break your leg should be small, not absolute.

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Exact same problem here, a way to respawn after broken bones/bug like that would be great. Maybe a little higher up on the fall damage to break a leg. I had not even a 10ft drop where I fell from and landed on my feet to break my legs. That just seems a bit much to me.

same problem but im stuck on an inland with no zombies

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R834, sorry that I didn't know, thanks for your help (admin please disregard my above comment)

Also referring to the comments from Keller and Subaru above, forgot to mention this in the original post, I had a thought about other ways that could be implemented into the game to cure/temporarily resolve the broken bone status.
for example to create a makeshift splint?

Machete + bandage
wooden stick + torn rag
fireaxe + bandana

As for players in teams its likely less of a big deal to brake a bone, a whole team is more likely to be carrying morphine or able to find it for them. Where as solo players are fully handicapped by it unless are already carrying morphine, the ability to create a splint of some kind could possibly allow them to at least stand and walk in the hope of finding a cure?

@R834, no probs dude, i understand that, but what is the point of this tracker if you mods arnt letting the Devs know what is wrong.

the devs have bigger things to worry about than a small handful of players not being able to play but there's been close to 20 related incidents tied to this one ticket.

the obvious solution's just arnt working.

do you guys not have any one to report things to, or is it just mere remote troubleshooting you guys do?

Still havent been able to really play. Its been a week, I really just would be okay with someone killing my character so I can respawn rather than not be able to play. Is there a way I can get that to happen? This bug happened the day I got the game too. -.-

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I feel you Keller, I'm totally in the same situation I haven't been able to play for already 2 weeks. I miss playing the game, hope dayz developers are currently working on this issue.

When is this going to be fixed? Haven't been played for 1 month already though

R834 added a comment.Mar 1 2014, 1:04 PM

Try deleting your [NAME].vars.DayZProfile file (located in Documents/DayZ on Windows 7)

Or try to find a bugged server that will delete your character - search 'delete' in the server browser filter.

Thank you I'm going to try that!

Tried both ways. I joined every server with delete character but nothing changed my situation :(

R834 added a comment.Mar 3 2014, 11:05 AM

Another suggestion to try, found on another report:

  1. Rename your character and restart the game
  2. Log in to a server
  3. When you get the "You are dead" or "You are unconscious" screen, open the pause menu and respawn
  4. The timer will start counting down from 30 seconds
  5. During this 30 second countdown quickly switch servers

I can't do step #3 cause respawn is greyed out :/

I searched some ways to fix this issue but no way helped me get out of this glitch so far. It's been a long time since I haven't been able to play this game.. this is so frustrating we can't even play the game. Are devs working on this issue?

since you closed my ticket as a duplicate, i will post my views here as they may get more attention.
As a previous server admin on the mod, i know for a fact that the only viable fix for this bug is a database reset on the effected person's character.

as heyreoo quite rightly said the "respawn" button is greyed out, the only way this will be available is if you manage to find the original server it happened to you on, which is highly unlikely and will take a lot of trial and error to find manually.

i don't mean to tell you your job but i don't know how else i can say it, this bug cannot be resolved by anything other than a character reset.

please listen to me, i'm not talking nonsense.

if you don't that's fair enough but as you can see a few people have this issue and none of the suggestions work.

R834 added a comment.Mar 3 2014, 5:37 PM

Hi Zombaholic,

Just to clarify, the suggestions I've posted came from other players who claimed this fixed the problem. I'm just passing them on.

That's fine R834, i understand you are trying to help, and i really appreciate it, but why cant you guys just reset his character?

its almost as if you guys are embarrassed to admit it is a bug you can't resolve long-term, the game is in alpha, its going to be bugged.

My friend has been out of action for over 3 weeks now, it isn't fair on him, nor me for having to keep chasing it up for him.

can you PM me or anything so we can arrange this database reset.

i'm sorry if i sound patronizing or anything I'm just super annoyed about how this has been handled by you guys.

you are our only means of hope

R834 added a comment.Mar 3 2014, 5:56 PM


Sorry to disappoint but I'm just a moderator for this bug tracker, not involved with the development of DayZ.

You'll have to wait and see if one of the devs replies.

Fule added a comment.Mar 3 2014, 7:04 PM

Hi R834. Is there any way for us who have this bug(my case was 9410) to either contact the dev team or at least let them know that we have this problem? It's quite aggravating to not be able to play and at the same time know that it could be fixed with a simple DB character reset.

R834 added a comment.Mar 4 2014, 7:56 PM

Hi guys,

This issue has already been acknowledged, so the devs are aware of this problem and are hopefully working on a fix already.

I will, however, try and get an official update on the situation to give you.


Awesome dude!,

thanks alot for your efforts with this man, sorry to be pushy but my friend literally had the game 4 hours and this happened, you can imagine his frustration, he is nagging me all the time and sometimes i just lose it and come here raging,

my apologies and again thanks for your attention with this.

Hey folks,

this issue is currently considered one of the top priorities. The cause of the problem has been identified and it's is still being worked on. I'm really sorry for this problem. I totally understand how frustrating it must be.

Thank you Accolyte, I saw tumblr, that you guys will release new update on March 5. Is this bug going to be fixed in the latest update? It's been already a month since I can't play the game. We've been waiting for so long already, hope to play after the update.

Not quite yet I'm afraid :(

I'm disappointed but keep up the good work. Hope we will be able to play DayZ in next update after the update on March 5 :( It's just a suggestion, could you guys build a server that 100% force us to reset/delete character? No server with "delete" didn't work. Or add an option to delete our character, at least as first aid until the bug gets fixed. So we can play the game!

The more time passes by, more people will likely get in this glitch and not being able to play. I'm sure there are a lot more people who are experiencing this problem, just they aren't reporting here. I saw these kind of people claiming on steam community and other sites. If this issue will take a long time to get fixed like for a month or more, you guys would better add an option to 100% delete/reset our character, it will REALLY help and we'll appreciate it. Even if one of new glitch showed up which is like this bug that makes the game unable to play, if there's this option we can restart the game. We definitely need it, it's way better than no option to delete progress/character. Most game have it. Please consider :)


thanks for responding here.

I understand you are working on a fix, that's awesome!

However, i'm pushing my luck a bit here, but nothing to lose really,
is there any chance of a database reset for my buddy?

Feel free to contact me via the email address tied to this account.

Many Thanks

R834 added a comment.Mar 5 2014, 8:37 PM

If you really want to play, you could try another hive. Regular, Hardcore, Experimental and Experimental Hardcore each use a unique character.

Also, i know OP said he had broken bones.

i can confirm this also happens without broken bones.


@R834 yeah I can play hardcore but I don't enjoy playing hardcore. Only few people playing that mode and mostly I hate FPS in DayZ. I really miss playing DayZ, not hardcore :(

I'm happy to provide you this good news. I CAN FINALLY PLAY DAYZ! I could manage to get out of this glitch finally. If you guys are still stuck in this glitch, just check out if you still can SEE inventory after "You are dead", it means you are actually NOT dead.

All you have to do is keep the game open and wait until you die by starving, and then you can RESPSWN. Done! As far as I tried every troubleshooting, this is the only way it worked for me. Sorry for bad english. Have fun :D

Hi Heyreoo, so when the message "you are dead" displays, we need to just check if he can access his inventory, if so tab out wait about half hour and check again, will it still say "you are dead" but then allow you to use the respawn option?

please clarify if i will be reproducing the steps correctly, and also thanks for sharing this.

Exactly. I left game open over the night with "you are dead" screen. I woke up and checked out, I was kicked off the server. So I joined another server, I was getting "hungry", I wasn't hungry before I left the game last night so even if server kicks you out for being not playing, don't worry. The process is saved. Just join another server then and wait till you starve. You will realize that "Tab" doesn't show inventory if you are really DEAD. Then you can respawn. Just keep the game open and left it for hours with "you are dead" screen. As long as tab key works, you aren't dead. So respawn is greyed out. All you have to do is leave the game open and wait for hours. I hope it helps!

cheers bro, will definitely get my friend to test this.

i will post my results back here too for the rest of people with this issue,

thanks again.

Fule added a comment.Mar 11 2014, 3:23 PM

As will I. I'm home in a few hours and it will be the first thing I will try. I'm hoping so hard for this to work. Thanks for posting a possible solution to this problem.

A question though what is the time-out limit in DayZ Standalone?

No problem. I hope this solution would work for you. It should work if you can see inventory during "You are dead." screen which shows you aren't actual dead. Just be patient till your char gets starve, soon you should be able to respswn. I'm sorry I don't know how long, but I had to change server 3 times till I get starve and die. I've kicked out twice by leaving it for hours.


So just to make things clearer for others. i have done a step by step breakdown of your resolution (correct me if i am wrong here)

  1. Join a game
  2. press "tab" if you can see inventory, just wait and wait....but check it every 30 mins or so
  3. after being kicked for inactivity, join another
  4. repeat steps 2-3
  5. once you have joined the 3rd server (after being kicked twice)
  6. keep checking "tab" every now and then until you no longer see inventory, and then check that you can "respawn" from "esc" menu.

im guessing the amount of times you may need to time out will vary from player to player, depending on the current amount of energy you have i.e it is going to take a guy who is energized and hydrated alot longer to starve out than a guy who is "hungry" more like 6 or 7 server timeouts rather than 2.
i would suggest to keep checking the inventory and like Heyreoo did notice a change in status effects to at least reassure you it is doing something.

if all this works i think Bohemia should hire Heyreoo as a bug fixer.!!!!

Yes, exactly. But I'm not sure how many times you have to change server, it really depends on a person. You can check your character's condition by clicking tab key. So just check your status sometimes, once you are starving, you are almost there. Just wait for few minutes, you will find out that tab key doesn't work anymore. Then press ESC, respawn should be available.

I happened to find this solution on other site where discussing about this bug, I forgot which site but some people were saying they could get out of this glitch by this so I tried it myself. And it worked. This is probably the only troubleshooting that works for this glitch, as far as I tried other troubleshootings.

Fule added a comment.Mar 12 2014, 11:09 PM

I can now confirm that this work-around fixes the issue with not being able to die properly. It takes forever though:) My character was around 75% on food and water when I died, and I would guess that it took around 4 hours of waiting.

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Do not understand these Devs they known this issue for awhile now yet they do not fix it? I dont mean to be disrespectful but i know this game is in alfa but charging a person $30 for a game they really cant play if they run into the same problem we are having. You guys should be fixing this was hoping this maintence would of helped but no affect.


My friend was like hydrated and energized, he has done this for over 6 hours over the weekend(he said) and he is only just 'hungry'(green) however we are pretty confident this will work.

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The last time I tried to respawn after breaking my legs, I visited a Zombie and died instantly. Maybe it also works to crawl out of water before you drown yourself and let yourself killing by a zombie, but I don't know how long it lasts to drown yourself after respawn, so please do not trust the usability, it's only a possible solution from an outer point.

Appreciate that Tobbs but he literalyl has about 5 secodns of "life" before he drowns.

not enough time to get out of the water unfortunately :(

i haven't heard from him for a couple of days i will try and get some feedback to see how far he got.

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I did what the list say and it work i can respawn and are not stuck no more thanks.

  1. Rename your character and restart the game
  2. Log in to a server
  3. When you get the "You are dead" or "You are unconscious" screen, open the pause menu and respawn
  4. The timer will start counting down from 30 seconds
  5. During this 30 second countdown quickly switch servers