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Dead bodies disappears when killed withing 30 seconds
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Yesterday I killed player who was hidden in a bush. I think he was already disconnected (30 seconds delay since 0.33 patch).

In this 30 seconds I killed him. I wanted to steal his weapons but he disappeared within the 30 seconds!

Other case:
today I killed a player. I killed him with a distance of 300 or 400 meters. I wanted to go to his dead body to take his weapons etc. but he disappeared within 30 seconds!

If there is someone who dissconnect and within the next 30 seconds he got killed, the dead body should stay there where he is for 10 minutes.

If the engine is not powerful enough to handle dead bodies longer than 10 minutes, it's not the right engine.


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Can absolutely confirm this. Every dead Body disppear after 30 seconds.
This is so terrible. Hofe they thix it soon

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Nope, not fixed with 0.34.

yes i hope it's fixed with the next patch.

this is big problem

Not sure that the player i killed was disconnecting, but i shot him in the head through a window. Waited approx. 30 sec then checked inside the house. No body there.

By the way,
"If the engine is not powerful enough to handle dead bodies longer than 10 minutes, it's not the right engine."
is silly, inacurate (you mean longer than 30 sec?) and useless.

I hope they'll never fix it. Shooting a sitting defenseless person is not nice! :P

In an other issue repport there is the suggestion that you can have maybe the full control of your character while logging out (30 secs).

If you perform an action, the countdown timer will stop and you have to restart the procedure.

This is very nice I think.

confirmed, it already happens.
Killed a server hoper at the ne airfield and as soon as i tried to loot his body he disapeared. Timeframe between kill and loot try was around 1 minute.

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The zed seem to dissapear after 5 seconds but I guess that's intentional? I guess they dont have any loot on them at the moment...?

Shot a player through the head with an SKS last night, player stood up which i assumed was a loldeath animation, but then sat down on the floor (combat log timeout). shot him in the face another 5 times before his body just disappeared.

Is this issue fixed in 0.36?

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Thank you.

This issue has been fixed and should be live on the experimental build.