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Jail wall glitches
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One can go inside jail's walls by sprinting towards the walls while holding a weapon and jumping at the right spot facing the wall at the right angle. {F30048} {F30049}


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Sprint towards the wall holding a weapon in your hands and press V to jump. Might have to try several times to get inside.

Here's an example video demonstrating the reproduction of the glitch:

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we have noted this problem and are working on a fix.

Thank you for the report and video. Very helpful!

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Also a zombie can push you through the walls.

please also take note of this very related gamebreaking glitch:

extract from the thread is a video from some douchebag to make it clear:

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Just came to check if there is an update on this issue. It's not just the jailbuildings by the way, its pretty much any building with a closed room you can pull this off. The collision model for buildings is really wonky at the moment.

ATM i'd say this is the most gamebreaking bug there is. I kinda hoped this would at least have been assigned to someone after 3 weeks to be honest :(

Still an issue and it's becoming more and more common. Made a video to show just how game breaking this really is.

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Had had this happen earlier in a military base that was surrounded by a stone wall. Just charged into it and got trough 2 walls that way.

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Devs should explain walls that they're walls.

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if this the way programming would work .. this would be superrrrrr :DD

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Last weekend my whole squad got killed while in the prison building, the enemy somehow managed to shoot through the walls while being in the bugged walls

really needs a fix

It must not work for everyone. I tried this myself to see what it is and was not able to get through any wall in any building or any unopenable door. I see videos of people doing this with ease yet I cannot do it one single time. I would guess there are others that can't do it so maybe it is only with certain video drivers or something.

This still not fixed ?? Dear me

e_xil added a comment.May 2 2014, 3:39 PM

in the "corner-pub" house, where you have on 1st floor the 3 rooms there is a point at a wall in the last room where i made this wallglitch successfully.. its not that easy

but when theres still the bad problems with ladders, and staris (like in policestation or firestatioN) the glitches keep beeing there :(

this is so lame

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Ultimate game breaker.
My friends and I have been killed multiple times in jails, by twats waiting/camping inside the walls. Utterly disappointing.

They are key buildings in the game and many people are scared to go into them for this exact reason. Devs please fix this soon.

Here is more more evidence. Please fix this shiz. Skip to 1h 18mins

Last night I was in the west jail at NE airfield. I was upstairs and there was a guy in the glitch room downstairs. There were 3 other guys outside the front of the building. I was leaning into the wall upstairs watching and listening to them talk and I whitnessed the guy that was in the glitch literally just strafe through the wall into the hallway and kill one of the dudes outside. He didn't jump through or anything he just strafed left with his gun aimed and gunned a guy down then strafed back through the wall. I don't know if this is the glitch or just a straight up hack but something needs to be done about it soon. Is there a status update on where dev is on a fix for this and is it a priority?

seriously this is the biggest game breaking glitch right now.

every night, every single server i'm on has douche-bags in the walls and now the guys in my squad are walking away from the game. since the servers don't even have logs, we can't even ban the people doing it.

Under the Floor airfield building glitch. Annoyingly common.

This guy has the balls to stream it too....
All he and his squad do is fire off shots in camo building to bait people, hide in the walls and kill them. They glitch look through the supposed 'walls' to see if people are coming. When no one comes they log off in the glitch spot and change server... Then repeat.
A few of the streamers I watch have been killed by these clowns recently...


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the game deserves better :(

Here is another video showing how to do it in a othrr way:

Add it to the description

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Me and my friends got killed's very annoying and frustrating to get shot from someone you can't see.

Another video showing how to do it in a different way :

Enter the jail room (first room on the right when you enter jail building), aim your weapon and go backwards in the right corner of the room, then aim -> stop aim -> aim -> stop aim untill you will be completly in the wall.

Here is the exact video how to reproduce this bug.