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[UPDATED] (4) Any item can be put into first aid kit when picked up from the ground
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If you have a full inventory and <b>ADDITIONALLY</b> a first aid kit with at least one free slot in your hand, you can put an item from the ground directly into the first aid kit. {F30021} {F30022} {F30023} {F30024} {F30025} {F30026} {F30027} {F30028} {F30029} {F30030}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Fill your inventory, so there's no free slot left.
2.) Take an <b>ADDITIONAL</b> first aid kit into your hand. <b>IT MUST NOT BE IN YOUR INVENTORY!</b>
3.) Make sure, at least one slot is free in the first aid kit.
4.) Find an item on the ground (max. 3x2 slots).
5.) Right click the item on the ground and click "Take ..."
6.) Recognize it landing in the first aid kit.

<b>UPDATE (4):</b>
Still 100% reproducible in version 0.47.124558 (thx to "mr snipes")

<b>UPDATE (3):</b>
Still 100% reproducible in version 0.33.115188

<b>UPDATE (2):</b>
Still 100% reproducible in version 0.33.115106
This also works with items bigger than 1x1.

<b>UPDATE (1):</b>
Still 100% reproducible in version 0.33.114926

See attached images

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Hey Johnny,

with the updated repro steps we were able to simulate the problem and will look into the issue.

Thanks for the nice work. We really appreciate it.

The first information was updated by an important detail. You have to have an <b>ADDITIONAL</b> first aid kit in your hand, which is NOT somewhere in your inventory!

Hey there folks,

I'm afraid I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. Can you test this on the current experimental version of the game? Is there anyone else who can reproduce this issue?

It is not duplicating the item. It's still a bug though since this was not the devs' intention.

You're only supposed to put medical stuff into the kit. That's why a first aid kit is not a protector case.

I would not mind, if it was just possible to put anything in there. But then again, the devs would have to have the intention for the players being able to.


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Is it duplicating the item? If it is just fitting in the first aid kit.. I'm pretty sure you could do that in real life if you really wanted

Still reproducable in 0-47 exp

andy added a comment.Oct 21 2014, 11:29 AM

we believe this has been fixed.
Please submit a new ticket if the issue persists.