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Forever sick
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I was hit by an firefighter axe. The screen lost a bit of color.

I bandaged myself and after that I applied alcohol and antibiotics. The "sick" status appeared.

I logged out and played again on the next day:
My character was healthy and full fed before. So the regen started immediately.
The colors were fully back after about 20-30 minutes.
My inventory still shows that I would be sick, even after 6-7 ingame hours ( full-fed and full-drunk for the whole time)


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confirmed, i always get sick when using alcohol to clean wounds, several times now and i've noticed the more hits taken the longer the effect, an axe hit would probably take a while

I have an update on this,

The "Sick" Effect you gain after using alcohol to clean wounds is NOT sickness, its an effect which cleans your wounds, i assume it would simulate the effect of that stinging sensation you get when you put sanitizer on you hands and rub into a cut you didn't know you had, it clears up after a while so the bug here isnt the sickness, its the effect name

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[edit] Yeah so the message is wrong it should be something like healing
@Danners68: It does make me sick every time so instead I used it only if my character says that the wounds are itchy

cleaning wounds with alcohol appears to give the sick status although unconfirmed (personally) as to the extent of the effect

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This was fixed, medicine does not make you sick anymore. Maybe it the future they will add overdosing to the game.

Geez added a comment.Mar 20 2015, 3:39 PM

Hello LudwigX and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please retest on latest build and report back to us in case the issue re-appears.