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[VERY IMPORTANT] Prone shooting results in hitting ground instead of aimed target.
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This issue always occures when prone on a part of the map where the center point of the body is either lower or when aiming downward.

Example: North East Airfield. Laying in bushes and shooting at player on the runway results due to position in hitting the ground 90% of the time.


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lay down infront (on top) of elevated part of the map (like a little hill) and shoot at something infront of you.
Result --> No HIT

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Changing the bullet calculation from a center point of the player to the eye(head) region would solve the problem. Also all calculations from anywhere on the head can be used for ANY gun with different values.

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Saw this in action on Sacriel's stream while he was chatting with Rocket. Sacriel said it looked like the bounding box for the world was a bit too high.

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very frustrating bug
especially when you are low on ammo

Also confirmed, has happened to me couple of times with M4 and shotgun. I seldom end up shooting from prone position, so I've usually forgot this bug the next time I'm supposed to shoot.

Please fix the position of bullets leaving the barrel.

Also, the further improve the aiming system, I would suggest using the "dynamic crosshair"-thingie from Arma 3, so that if you aim at a target/wall/whatever right in front of you, the crosshair acts accordingly showing where the bullet will hit like in .

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Confirmed, also when lying down you can see your shirt on the left side by your gun.

Also noticed that in some prone-positions the pistol de-equips automatically, right after equipping. Also in ironsights.

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can confirm. happend to me 10 minutes ago. this lucky guy got away without my bullets in his nose. afterwards he almost shot me.

VERY annoying bug. its like bullettravel calculations start from your stomach..

animations of bulletimpact seemed to be in the air, about 10 cm above ground.

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