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(READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING LIKE AN IDIOT!!!) There's already a speed hack
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I was doing the standard looting for gear and exploring, then a fresh spawn in a red shirt shows up, running double normal sprint speed while simultaneously punching everything around him, he see's me and begins running circles around me while i keep my eyes on him, and runs at me any time he thinks i'm not looking and tries to land a punch, hits me and keeps running, i had to combat log because i refuse to have my time actually participating in the alpha process wasted by a mouth breathing speed hacking troll, i spent 3 hours looking for loot in empty buildings and walk through walls zombies, it's hard to actually put any effort into participating in the alpha anymore, and i've only had it under a week


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Before adding new features, the dev team needs to fix all the security issues before, thats my opition.

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It is indeed possible to punch and sprint at the same time.

The way I have my comms set up if I punch and initiate comms then sprint it begins this running/punching madness every single time.

So while we respect that you want to help the process, you need to be more concise in your reports and actually test the bug you are reporting before screaming "ZOMG H4X0RZ"

Also if you feel there is a hack involved I suggest you make that report private in the future.

Draco I am aware of how the name system works, the statement stands.

As others have said, it is possible to run and punch in 114557. It is not a hack. Simply bring your fists up, punch, and sprint. It might take a few times to get the timing right, but it does indeed work.

Lingraph Kaaz, there are no usernames displayed unless you talk in chat, there are no kill messages

Draco you're making yourself sound like a douche by insulting everyone that's telling you that you can actually sprint and punch. Just because you don't know how to do it doesn't mean you can't, there is a technique, it's not a hack it's a bug. Also, your post doesn't do much to help the devs. There is no username for the enemy player and not much to go on, all you've done is admit to combat logging.

wow thats a curiosity then... in a game like this that attempts to emulate reality (well, all except the part where random stuff seems to appear out of nowhere and there are still guns in military bases, a place i would assume would have been picked clean very fast upon an apocalypse)that is not in line with real world ...reality. if you dont believe me, then try it out! run as fast as you can. once you reach your maximum speed, try throwing a few punches. i mean real punches, not the kind a boxer would do while warming up. also, please video the results as i love watching people fall on their asses. more while they are running at full speed.

As FireBreath already said, it's possible to sprint faster than normal and keep punching at the same time. I tried it myself and it works. Raise your fists, then hold your fire button. Start sprinting, voilá!

That wasn't a hacker, just someone who had fun getting on your nerves. Successfully :P

it clearly IS Day Z SA, the character models have much higher quality mesh in SA, and the guy has the SA hot bar in the bottom, and the guy he shoots who comes down the stairs is wearing a motorcycle helmet, they are only in the SA also

DUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Rocket Surgeon is used as a joke of hyperbole retard, as a rocket scientist who's also a surgeon would require twice the credentials

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You really cant move on from this, can you?

How many times have you seen this happen? Once?
How many times has that specific HACK you talk about here, been reported?
Have you watched that video yourself, that you claim is a DayZ SA hack? - because its clearly NOT Dayz SA in that video!

Also, it's called a Rocket Scientist, not a rocket surgeon!

Now shoo!

there are already PLENTY of hacks:

and people aren't "trying to help you find out what it is what you saw/may have seen" there's app0815, who wasn't the one who had the flash running a marathon around him, trying to say what did and didn't happen, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to tell the difference between max speed and speed hack, and having people try to dictate what i did and didn't experience pisses me off

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I'm fairly sure that, since you're the only one reporting this issue, there is no speed hack yet, as you describe. Also, people replying here, are trying to help you find out what it is what you saw/may have seen, and they're helping you on your way to better/other loot. Your report title ( READ BEFORE DOWNVOTING LIKE AN IDIOT ), and you calling people retards, suggests you're a bit butthurt from getting killed, and to an 11 year old such as yourself, that ofcourse CAN NOT HAPPEN!

move on kiddo, you made your point...

Finding loot is so easy when using a map with loot locations, but even without a map after doing some searching one would recognise the best loot locations at once. Firestations and airfields are big source of guns.

If there is a speedhack or not, so be it, people will hack eventually....

You made a report, so if its true I hope the can identify it and ban it...

  2. speed was far more than sprinting speed, AS STATED
  3. it wasn't just the punch animation, he was punching AND HITTING, everything he ran past, zombie, tree, side of building, fence, ME, not just a bug/glitch
  4. even with a map if every random jackass you run across kills you, you'll end up having to spawn at the coast again, i try to play in low population servers so i can get around and actually test things for the alpha phase
  1. Running with your fists up does make you run faster, as it would in real life.. not sure if this is intended, but I assume it is, and is a widely known "feature".
  1. There is a bug/glitch where if you punch immediately as you start running, it looks like you're punching repeatedly for the duration of the run. This can be seen in use on various DayZ twitch streams... Not entirely sure if this adds an additional speed boost to running with your hands up. This issue should focus on this aspect.
  1. Language in this issue just isn't appropriate for a bug tracker. Game is an Alpha.. if you're getting punched by anybody regardless of their motives, that's...

a) Part of DayZ, going to have to learn to defend yourself or go find an easier game.
b) Possibly is presenting or exploiting a bug, but again.. this is an Alpha, and that's to be expected for quite some time.

Advice to Captain_Draco: Find yourself a map of the game terrain and head towards some of the military or airfield targets... you may run into more players (riskier) but you should find more weapons! If you don't want to break away from the game world, just ask people you find in the game, or look for maps! After about 20 hours of play I can say that I now know many towns in Chernarus better than I know my neighbourhood... which is part of the learning curve in DayZ.

it's 100% impossible to punch and run at the same time without your character slowing when punching, his speed was 100% unaffected

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it is totaly possible to run fist up and punsh while running, take practice but even a anal breathing tool could reproduce it...

rural loot gets better the further from the coast you get

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well, let me know when you find something useful in a tiny town in the void. seems like you either have to grow some balls to loot a hotzone to be able to defend yourself - or keep getting raped by people who know how to move and punch people to death with their bare hands. I yet have to see the speedhack to be able to confirm this, so downvoted for low priority.

not everyone knows the map better than their own neighborhood, plus i avoid large towns to prevent my getting shot on sight by mouth breathing neanderthals

weird. I usually have some kind of weapon within 15 minutes. hang in there draco, you can do it!

says the retard who's unaware of the inability to punch and sprint at the same time, not to mention loot spawns are spotty at best, i had 100+ 7.62 rounds, and never came across a single gun

sucks to be you if you still can't defend yourself after 3 hours of looting. if anyone's an idiot, I'm sure it's you.

i know the sprint speed, he was going double the sprint speed, it is a speed hack, AS YOU CANNOT PUNCH AND SPRINT AT THE SAME TIME!!! try not being a tool when down voting and commenting

"running double normal sprint speed while simultaneously punching everything around him"

i have verified that you CANNOT punch while sprinting, his movement was unaffected by his swings

not really a hack, you actually do run faster with your fists up.

Closing due to high amount of negativity going on in this issue.

Please keep discussions constructive and refrain from insulting one another in the future.