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Maps needs cyrillic or road signs need english
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I'm not a Arma 2 Day Z mod player, i'm new, so i don't know the layout of the maps, so other new players will have the same issue, of a map does them zero good since road signs are in cyrillic and the map is in english


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Lol, sorry I thought you want everythink in english and to not to use cyrillic :D I agree that cyrillic should be everywhere, on map and in world..

read previous notes

Witex added a subscriber: Witex.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM

I've never had a problem with this... Have you ever heard about DayzDB? the map has got names both in cyrillic and english.

huidube added a subscriber: huidube.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM

why is this getting downvoted?

Cyrillic maps is the only way making sense.

what do you do, if dayzdb wouldnt be there? its no ingametool, so its no part of the game. in first place, its kind of soft cheating to use the dayzdb map.

why else should there be maps and a compass ingame, if its not supposed to use them?

I had the same issues when I started playing, and I think that these stuff adds more to the experience, because in those circunstances you don't know where you are and you don't have a map.

I have used online maps to try to locate myself in Chernarus and I feel desperate when looking for the same word structure in the map (part of the immersion, IMO), and that feature of appearing somewhere too far from the sea is great, it adds tension to the moment when you do not know where you are.

since maps aren't too common, and are often in section, it only makes sense that once you find it you can look at a road sign and figure where you are, since often there's no similarity between english and cyrilic words

not only does it make perfect sense, it's common sense

I really don't get why people are reacting so negatively to this. Cyrillic on the maps would make perfect sense.

the names on the maps should be in cyrillic and english, like the dayzdb map, you don't wash ashore on vancouver island to find english road signs and maps that only come in greek

definitly not.. It's like Russians may say that games from america or any other country with cyrillic fonts should be in Azbuka.. If they change it, you will have problem, that the houses doesn't looks like your houses nad roads are not the same and vegetation not the same.. lol, I'm from country from where are the developers and i can confirm, that the game is so realistic, and looks like real life here.. so definitly im againts these changes and i know there wont be any.. Only acceptable change can be they add Azbuka names of towns into maps, but not to change names to Cyrillic

again, having to rely on an outside 3rd party resource is bad game design, the map should have english and cyrillic

You we spawned in Russian island. Learn map or use

you shouldn't need a guide to read a map found in a region for the region, it's counter intuitive, if you find a map in a region that uses cyrillic, it should be in cyrillic

dawud added a subscriber: dawud.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM

visit dayzdb

This was a huge issue for me when I started out, so I can definitely support Cyrillic on the maps. I don't think that English road signs would make much sense in the Eastern European setting, though, so maybe the map would be the only object to be edited.

Then again, if you really want to be able to navigate well, you can learn to read Cyrillic yourself. I think you'd be surprised at how simple it is.

Although it's not a bug, I also think that cyrillic maps make a lot more sense im such a country than english maps! I think that many downvotes vome from players that didn't read the article and think that you want everything in english ;)

I believe though, that BIS already stated somewhere that they want to implement different types of maps in the game such as maps for tourists or just small maps for each big town. If/When that is implemented, we will not have any problems with this case anymore.

I personally disagree completely. It is perfectly reasonable to find maps that are written in foreign languages. It is the purpose of the map, so that people from different countries can understand what they're reading. I'm fairly certain that in real life you can buy a map of the London with cyrillic characters as well as a map of Moscow in English.

I will bring this up with the team and see what their thoughts on this are though.

That's untrue, any road map for a foreign region, intended for tourists, will have the native names with English names in either brackets or smaller lettering underneath, if you went and got a Russian map in Russia it would either have all Cyrillic or would have English below the Cyrillic, otherwise how would you know which town/city is which? it makes no sense not to have maps for tourists that they can't use

They could add the option to change the "sings" to english i like the russian thing, i started to learn russian alphabet just because of the sings in this game i have no problem reading them but i know a lot of people could have issues specially new players

In-game maps could be in English as well as in Cyrillic characters. But having English on the road signs with the names of the cities makes no sense.

Keep the road signs in cyrillic, but add cyrillic to the maps in addition to the existing english. I'm not sure if the map names are localized to different languages or not, but the cyrillic should always be present so that you can match up road signs with the town names in the map.

There is an "Cyrillic - English" Book.
May add a receipt with that Book and the Map to "translate" the map.

Solo added a subscriber: Solo.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM
Solo added a comment.Sep 8 2014, 11:20 AM

I know alot of downvoters are like me, they allready know the map very well and don't need any in cyrillic and english but for the sake as it being a realistic game I think adding cyrillic names to the maps make perfect sense, so I voted this up.

To backup my story, I have been to alot of countries and also saved all those maps to whereever i've been, most of these maps are both in the native alphabet as well as in english.

So it would make perfect sense to have those maps ingame too.

And as it turns out, Russian road signs DO have Cyrillic AND English, so this ticket is 100% valid

Solo added a comment.Sep 8 2014, 9:23 PM

Nice Find ;)

Though I am pleased allready with the map showing both languages, no need to change all textures ingame :)