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Connection to ANY DayZ Server Throttles/Tanks Internet Connection
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Around 80% of the time, joining any DayZ server will result in complete drops from EVERYTHING, including Steam and Skype. After joining, the server (or my client) refuses to accept server updates (player pos, etc). I have investigated and concluded that it is indeed DayZ causing this issue. My internet connection isn't the greatest. Maxing out at 8mbps and averaging from 1-2mbps. This is more than enough for a voice call (Have tested both Skype and Razer Comms, both drop) and a DayZ server connection. When the game isn't being temperamental and lagging (as expected in alpha, am not complaining about that) I can play lag free and hold a voice call with friends at a nice 500kbps max. Though recently (as of Jan 16th), joining a DayZ server will completely tank my internet. Bandwidth to my PC will be maxed and I'll drop from anything connected to the internet. As of yesterday, the issue actually drops me and "breaks" the connection to my own router! I have to "repair the connection" in Windows to fix it. My other devices work fine whilst this "tanking of my net" is taking place. I don't know what it is. Please help! This makes the game unplayable :(


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I join a server
Internet dies

/end reproduction process

Am really sorry I couldn't be more descriptive, but that's what happens.

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I really don't know what exactly is doing this. Sitting of the main menu fixes it (if I don't drop completely). I seem to be the only one encountering this. I highly doubt it's my ISP throttling me, my other gadgets/PCs work fine. I can't seem to work out what exactly it is. I doubt it's my router, because that doesn't give me any grief in any other situation.

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What happens when I join a DayZ server.

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turn off firewall in modem settings(not the windows one)... works 100%

I uploaded the files you asked. I have same issue and already reported here. Besides that we can not play together as two brother from same wi fi in same home. Huge desync issue there.
Also when i try to play alone i disconnect from skype,steam and cant browse.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.

If so, please send us DxDiag and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"

Can you pack the files in winrar and upload it somewhere?
When the *.rar will be smaller than 2.097k, you can attach it here. Thank you.

For future reporting please refer to "How to guide"

same issue, internet goes down.. well connection icon in windows is showing that internet is fine but nothing internet based works, only thing that helps me is to unplug cable from pc

^ My IP had since changed because I had restarted my router before posting this. That's why I didn't bother blacking it out. But thanks :) I'm aware of the risks.

Surely a game doesn't need 200KB (1600Kbit) of data every second. I can play fine when it's not being like this at 500-600kbps (including Skype). I'm stationary in the middle of the woods. Doing nothing. The game, receiving nothing. It seems to be downloading somewhat 'useless' data, whilst maxing out my bandwidth for some ungodly reason. I just wanna know what 'exactly' the game is doing using 3-4mbps (in some cases). What in the hell is it downloading?!

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For your own safety guys please dont upload screenshots with your full IP address.

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Dayz can easily draw 600 kbit/s. My peak was at 1600 kbit/s

If your bandwidth isn't high enough you'll get a yellow chain and the rumoured desync

You can also view this at this screenshot:

The download bandwidth seems to be directly in relations to players around you. I can be in Cherno on an empty restarted server with lots of loot and zombies around. Everything works fine.

If 3-4 people join me I'll almost instantly get a very high download bandwidth

I second this. I experience the exact same issue. DayZ hogs all bandwidth.

Edit: I sit on a stable 35Mb cable connection and I have no issues with other applications/games like BF4.

Do you still need more info??

Please have a look at my finding (it is a duplicate) as it provides more info on this subject:

Closing in favour of BlinkingRiki182's report.

Thank you for your feedback.