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Shooting Mosin: Need a fix with bullet source/world collision
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I don't know what exactly causes this but I often waste bullets and my cover because I hit my surroundings when I shoot. I believe it can be seen quite clear in my screenshots. In this case I am proning and I apparently have plenty of room but whenever I shoot I hit the ground right below my hands. It's like the bullet was being shoot from a lower and closer position than it should. I had to sit up to hit my target. {F29791} {F29792} {F29793} {F29794}


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Try to cover close to a rock, a wall, the ground etc. and shoot

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I agree, it's game breaking. I would expect more from an engine that is used to develop military simulation games ...

This is a problem in the Arma engine. Something that has bugged me for a very long time. Hope they get around to fixing it because I have messed up a lot of situations by this happening.

I've noticed this as well, though normally on 'ankle high' cover (Small ledges around rooftops, etc.) Not gamebreaking in and of itself, but still worth starting consideration for the ideal implementation of a future resolution.