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Today I got on a building top in elektro and tried to jump on top of a roof vent or something like that . I got stuck and couldn't move across with "v" . Only on re-log I was able to get on top . After some time I realized that if i go prone ill become hidden for everyone near me . Even in first person i was able to see the whole building interior . This should be fixed quickly , otherwise it will become a huge exploit {F29770}


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Go on top of certain building in Elektro jump on the highest spot and go prone - you are completely hidden

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Good job telling this to everyone. Should be fixed ASAP.

GungZA added a subscriber: GungZA.May 8 2016, 4:32 PM

Yeah this is kind of a well known thing since loot spawns inside that thing. The buildings you are refering to are schools. Not only at electro but all schools. I have been shot at from that spot, someone was shooting down into the school.

Dear GungZA and Johnson and ra91111. i realy don't think they going to fix becaus there is loot inside the hidden spot on the roof of the school.
Other wise I can not shoot from there down. I have not try that but it seems that i have to hold my gun in prouns mode and at 1st person to shoot and see where im shooting at.
I will try it tho but that must get fixed so you not shoot down from there.

Nacky added a subscriber: Nacky.May 8 2016, 4:32 PM

@GhostRider911, they have to fix it. The loot spawn can´t be ment to be inside the concrete. Not very realistic according to me. The floor glitch doesn´t make it better. I´m sure it will get fixed, the question is when.

I thought it was an office building, not a school. You learn something new every day. :)

They have a lot to work on and are doing a great job so far.