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Guests can edit other guests notes, and alot of guests are spamming with bullshit.
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Guests can edit other guests notes, and alot of guests are spamming with bullsh*t.

Remove the option for Guest to create issues and create notes on this bug report page.

This will remove alot of spamming, alot of wrong note editing, and you'll get more decent feedback from actual users/players who actually create a login, play the game, and gives feedback.

If someone doesn't want to register to report or vote on issues, they shouldn't have bought the Alpha.


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Look at any issue case. Lots of un-useable feedback and spammers using guests accounts.

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You want better feedback. This is your solution.

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Vote this is up if you want all the spam gone and help the DayZ Dev team get better and more informative feedback.

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This is a known issue and developers are currently working on it. We thank you for your feedback :).

Guests are no longer able to do anything other than reading.

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should be a quick fix no??? how can you allow guests to post comments its lucrative.