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Head-torch issues in 1st person (TrackIR & Freelook) - almost unusable currently
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I use TrackIR but I guess this would be the same for freelook users.

3 issues:

  1. Headtorch Tracking and Centering.
  2. Headtorch during animations
  3. Headtorch during the 3 stances, Standing, Crouched and Prone

Linked in Additional info are 3 youtube videos showing the issues. (videos are still uploading, I will link once they are up)
{F29556} {F29557} {F29558}


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Steps To Reproduce

Find a Headtorch, attached a battery and use TrackIR or Freelook to look around, use vault to step over or jump over fences, or go through the 3 stances of standing, Crouched or Prone.

Additional Information

Issue 1 - Tracking and Centering
YouTube Example -
The headtorch's cone of light is not centered on your centered view. This makes it very difficult to use when using TrackIR (freelook users would have to verify)
The Tracking of the headtorch appear to only be a 90 degree field to the front of the player. The cone of light does not follow the entire range of head motion available to the player meaning you end up looking at complete darkness.

Issue 2 - Animations
Youtube Example -
When using your vault key (V) your view appears to detach from your characters 'head' meaning that while my view remains static, the avatars head appears to move and so does the headtorch cone of light.
Either the head torch remains static during animations to match my view, or my view needs to move to match the animation head movement. At present there is a complete disconnect between me and my avatar as my avatar is doing something completely different to what I'm 'experiencing'

Issue 3 - Stances
Youtube Example -
Standing - no issues other than the off-centered cone of light
Crouch - cone of light disppears to the floor to what can only be to match my avatars default head angle rather than my actual line of sight.
Prone - Cone of light disappears altogether, again, probably to match the avatars head direction and not what i'm actually looking at.

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Agreed. I never use head torches because of this bug. too much of a disconnect between what I should see, and what actually happens.

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Does the cone of light move further than the 90 degree FOV in my original video?
I still haven't found a head torch or a night time experimental video yet to test myself

In version 0.35.115188, the head torch is centered properly for me using free look. I believe the actual in-game head motion is not followed by your free look pereph. The in-game head stops moving at a certain point. I think it is the simulation of your eyes rolling further towards the back. I will try to verify soon with someone else who has TrackIR. This is tested standing up.

I did not notice the moving issue, I'll check that out.

Just tested with someone with TrackIR, the head torch is following the full motion of the in-game head properly. The light does not move past the angle of the head. The additional pereph is from the eyes rolling further. This is in version 0.35.115188. As far as centering, I was told it was working just fine for him, and was not awkward.

Crouching is a different matter. I posted this complaint as well when I tested the compass. It does seem awkward even though it is following the angle of the head. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go as it could become frustrating, especially for someone with trackIR. Closed my issue and linked to here. Posted screenshots of using compass crouched with head torch.

No it does not. Which makes sense since your head in game does stop moving. I am OK with that. However, to fix the awkwardness with crouching or prone, then standing would also be different. This would most likely break the realism or the immersion, at least for the people around you watching you.

At the moment, getting to watch my buddy move his head torch around and check his compass at night or whatever is awesome. That might change if this issue is fixed to where using the head torch when crouching is easier.

From my point of view then, they either need to limit TrackIR/Freelook to the actual limit of movement of the head on the player model, or, the player model head needs to be able to turn more.

The issue for me is, if I can look at something when I turn my head, I expect my headtorch to follow my view, otherwise its just broken. The headtorch is centered above your eyes on your forehead. If I can look at something in game then my head torch should be shining on it.

If the player model head isn't matching the full range of sight allowed my freelook or TrackIR then its fundamentally broken.

As I play in 1st person, I have zero awareness of my 'head'. I only care about the symmetry between what I'm looking at and how the items i'm using match what I'm doing.

If that makes sense (it does to me)

Another issue that is probably the same category since the torch appears to follow the head angle:

When trying to aim a gun at anything, the beam will again go somewhere else than meant to. In this cas: Your weapon and hands! Can't properly aim like this.