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force drink = vanishing canteen
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Everytime when you force feed water and your canteen will get empty it will vanish for the inventory. I checked it out several times.
Ps. Thx for the game


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Same for me and my friend. Canteen and water bottle disappear from inventory.

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Same here. Possibly related: force feeding food items that contain more than on 'portion' disappear after one force feeding action. Force fed char was unconscious.

Happened to my and my friend's canteen too.

Confirmed, this is a pretty serious issue !

I'll bet the canteen is trying to go into the force fed person's inventory.

When you finish eating, the item leaves your hand and takes a spot in your inventory. When you finish force feeding, the can is probably trying to enter to the other person's inventory.

Just a thought...

Also can confirm.

I can confirm this. Happened twice to me. Since i did this only 2 times I guess it always reproduces...

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It happens with every food you try to feed. I think it's normal.

Confirmed. Had it already three times. First two times on unconscious person and third time with healthy normal person. Each time canteen or waterbottle disapears from my inventory and doesnt show up in other persons inventory or on the ground. I guess its not supposed to be like this, because a canteen could get empty - but sure doesnt go fully into the person! Empty food tins should disapear, okay. But canteens shouldnt.

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Yeah I force fed my friend some water and the cunt ate the bottle too.

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this is a known issue and we are already working on a fix. We appreciate your feedback however!

Thank you!

Fixed internally, will be patched in one of the upcoming updates.