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Favorite servers changes automatically
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When I go to my "Favorite" servers and one of them has restarted since i added it to the "Favorite" list it will have been replaced by another after it restarted.
So then I have to remove it from the list and go look for the correct one again.
I have yet only found 1 server that permanently stays on my favorite list.


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Add a bunch of servers to your "Favorite" list, Wait a few hours and then check your favorites again, most of them will have been replaced by others.

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a very frustrating problem.

still unadressed.... seems simple enough to resolve

Hi, this happens not to my list. Maybe the problem could be, that the filter options also filters the favorite list. I was a little confused with this.

I have had several people I play with on a regular basis duplicate my exact steps, and reproduce this bug every single time.

see the following issue ID, submitted by me:
0009311: Favorite Servers Not Consistent