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Clipped in a building and can't get out!
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I climbed down the broken steps in the flats nearest balota airfield and my character fell through and into this room. This room isn't supposed to be enterable but I'm in there and can't get out. Tried re-logging in, tried climbing, jumping, walking and nothing. There's also an invisible wall towards the window. I'm trapped. {F29378}


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Fall through the broken steps

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Okay, this helped me out once when I got stuck. Press the vault key, then immediately when your character is vaulting exit the server. Then, log back in.

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Yea you have a few options. As stated by AntonioAJC, vaulting will sometimes work. On buildings with better collisions they will still keep you contained sometimes, the other option is move close to the wall where you want to exit, close the game out completely, start it up from steam, join into a server as soon as possible (trying to prevent the game from loading entirely), and the second you enter the server keep the W (forward) key pressed, often you can get out because the server is still loading everything up, but on the client side your computer will not register the collider for several seconds it seems. You only have a few seconds to move, the character will become locked in place until the game loads more afterwards.

I've noticed people that have poor performing PC's that can get away with weak colliders (such as fences) - they can literally glide right past them.

Hope this work around helps - they are tracking the issue. Be careful of friends also as they can "push" you past the colliders it seems the collisions they've programed in takes priority of wall colliders sometimes.

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