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Exploded gas pumps explode on connect.
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Any gas pump that has been exploded will explode any time someone connects to the server.


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Smack up a gas pump until it explodes.
Have someone connect to the server.
Gas pump explodes again.

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A poorly made video is here:
Every time someone reconnects an explosion can be heard coming from a nearby gas station.
You may have to turn your volume up to hear the explosions.

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Confirmed by repetition.

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It also happens if someone respawns near the station. We used it to find fresh spawns. Everytime the gas station exploded we knew a new player spawned somewhere near.

I saw the fuel station explode and nobody was there, who caused the damage. I was wondering, what happend, but this explains a lot :) I found 2 reports with the same issue: (the same issue above is described)

I think this is only after someone blows it up. I've seen gas stations that didn't explode when someone joined the server. After blowing up the station it started exploding on playerjoin.