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Red lights at northern Air Filed west side of Grishino
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If you are at the north-west end of the Air Field at the Red Cross Tents and you look at the direction of the Air Fild you see 4 big red glowing orbs/lights.
This occures to my friend too. {F29330}


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Go to north-west end of the Air Field, westside of Grishino
Go to the Red Cross Tents
Look in the direction of the Air Filed

Additional Information

if you look from the other side you can not see them

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Those are landing lights for aircraft. Every real-life landing strips has those.

Where the electricity comes from huh?

Not really related to a bug or anything, but to answer your question: They are powered by a built in battery pack and they don't use a lot of power. Look up PAPI LED...

Even is they are planned, they are glowing pretty big with a too massive shine arround.

Hey guys,

this is a known issue. We are already looking into it.

Thanks for the report though!

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You can find them on both sides of the runway,it would be ok if they are on.

HOWEVER: The WAY they glow is unnatural. They look like big orbs. It just looks fake.

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I confirm this bug in 0.34