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Zombie health too high / Lower end weapons damage too low.
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I am aware that you are planning to make some changes to the zombies such as increasing the numbers however one thing that I feel needs to be done is a nerfing of the zombies health it breaks immersion and is extremely annoying that it can take up to 7 hits from a fire axe to kill a zombie in my opinion if possible zombies similar to the game left 4 dead would be and improvement (much more however die with 1 or 2 melee attacks) the zombie threat seems artificial because of their health. The game touts for realism however I'm pretty sure if somebodies head was split in two with a fire axe they wouldn't be getting back up zombie or not.

in Retrospect this is most likely an issue with server lag and hit detection and because of this should be closed.

One point that has been made however is that the lower end weapons eg fists screwdriver take far to long to kill a zombie in comparison to the more beefy weapons such as the fire axe.


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I recommend a reduction of the zombie health but in order to still make the game challenging increase the amount of zombies. (Perhaps they walk around in groups or are found in certain areas such as hospitals.)

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I am stunned, I think you're missing since a pristine fire axe to the face/back/chest/crotch/knee kills any infected in one swing (which I find OP)

I always one shot zombies with fireaxe. Two with splitting axe. It's the other melee weapons that take multiple hits to kill zombie.

I am aware this could also be lag with the zombies which I did not think about until now as in several cases hit detection has been a bit off with zombies clipping through the walls and floor.

You must be missing mate, it takes 1 shot with a fireaxe and 2 with a splitting axe to kill a zombie.

1 Shot from any gun to kill a zombie.

If anything, their health should be tripled.

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If! today I've punched a zombie lying two and eventually killed me! Fallen 3 times and not dead! too much life ... thus almost impossible to kill

Ripli based on this information I would say that the lower end weapons damage should be increased I myself tried killing a zombie with a screwdriver recently this however took much longer than expected 3-4 hits would be acceptable in my opinion without making the game too easy as I have read that more zombies will be spawning in future patches.

It is feedback and has been posted in the feedback section as per.

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Fire Axe always kills zombie with only one hit.

I tried to kill zombie with a kitchen knife and it seemed like it doesn't do any damage (and I think it is BS, since those zombie are not undead, but infected crazy people, right? Knife should kill them fast)

Fire Axe is OK as it should be in real life.
It is the other melee weapons that suck
The baseball bat is useless (by the way can we get rid of the baseball bat... I don't think they play baseball in former Soviet Union)
You cannot even tell if you are actually hitting the zombie, it should at least keep them at distance, but instead is like you are doing just nothing to them and they keep hitting you. The melee animations are just terrible

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given up on low end melee weapons, seems faster to just punch them to death, its fast ..ish and fun. One on one I rarely get hit by them