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Items do not spawn in barns, log cabins, deer stands, wooden floor tents, houses with side steps
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these buildings do not have any loot spawn in them at all, items never spawn in them but i believe they are supposed to. searched the issues and it has not yet been spotted. {F29296} {F29297} {F29298}


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Agreed. never found anything. at all.

because the loot tables for those buildings haven't been implemented yet, i think as they are regular buildings devs are focusing on getting the loot on the newer enterable buildings stable and in the right place

Confirmed. I've also never found loot in the house with stairs leading to the doorway. Anyone confirm?

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friendlyfire, there are items spawning in the old brick houses which were in arma 2 dayz mod, so i think barns at least should have items spawning in them. besides log cabins are new-ish, but so are loads of other buildings and they still have loot in them. you could be right, maybe a developer can tell us.

Multi-story apartment buildings near Cherno seem not to spawn anything as well.

Repeating the issue as the above poster, multistory apartments do not spawn loot, neither does the embassy buidilng in Cherno near the plane wreck. Ruined buidling also do not spawn loot, which makes the island with the ex-fishing community and at least 1 town completely lootless.

These non-spawning houses are simply useless and might as well be unexplorable or deleted.

By all means make loot in there super rare, but allow it a little for goodness sake.

This is very annoying dev. guys. :)

Hey folks,

this is a known issue and will be fixed eventually. Loot spawns are not configured properly yet and aren't a real priority at the moment.